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3 Essential Ways to Make Yourself SMART for Success

So, here you are six months into launching your new business, but sadly things aren’t going as well as you’d pictured them. Maybe you’re drowning in paperwork, swamped with unread emails or you just don’t know which task to prioritise next.

But before you defer things again, or panic and run for the door, you can find a way forward with a few simple steps. There can be great times ahead for your business if you learn some time management skills, get yourself organised and start to work SMART.

What Are SMART Business Practices?

1. Set Goals

When everything’s getting on top of you and you can’t see a clear way ahead, It’s easy to feel lost and out of control. But just stop for a minute and look into learning good time management – it can help you work out where, and how to move next. Setting SMART goals means you create a clear plan of action, so you know what you need to achieve at all times.

Start by breaking down your long term business goals into shorter term ones: monthly, to weekly to daily and even hourly plans. Separating everything into measurable outcomes helps you to move forward and regain control.

2. Work out When You’re Most Productive

Do you work best first thing in the morning of does your energy peak more around midday? Are you a bit of a night owl or late starter and get your best ideas around mid-afternoon every day? Everyone has a time when they work most productively, so give some thought to what best suits your own style. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to work at all at other times, obviously, but you can set different tasks to suit how you best function.

For example, you could use your peak productivity time to achieve your most difficult tasks and do this without distractions. And use some of your more ‘down’ time to, for example, organise your emails or make to do lists for the next day.

3. Think About Whether You Need to Delegate Tasks

When you’ve got more on your plate than you can handle yourself, it’s time to look at what you might need to delegate. The best way to start is to consider what has to be done – but whether it really needs to be done by you.

Then, think about finding the right solutions, whether that might be employing more people, outsourcing or hiring other help. One area of considerable ‘time drain’ or worry in business can be your IT, if you don’t have the right systems, or support. Hiring an IT Consultancy like Arnet Technologies can help you increase productivity and make your technology work better for you.

So, if your head’s in your hands at the minute trying to cope with all the demands of your small business, we hope we’ve been able to give you some reassurance. With the right support, time management and SMART working practices, your future is bright and you’re on course for success.

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