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Are You Flushing the Chain on Your Business Profits?

Let’s not beat around the bush; every business needs a bathroom. It’s essential for your sanity your customers. One thing’s sure; your entire team won’t perform at their best if they can’t go to the toilet when they need. And, no customer in their right mind would buy from a company who direct them to do their do next door. When it comes down to it, you could even argue that a business bathroom is an investment.

Sadly, bathrooms aren’t always cheap to install, especially if you need to add plumbing. Lucky for you, you should be able to cover those costs pretty quick if you get this right. With a decent bathroom, productivity should pick up, and sales should increase.

But, what happens if you get your bathroom wrong? Too often, business owners find their efforts here an ongoing drain on resources. If your bathroom keeps on costing you, then, keep reading to find out what you could be doing wrong.

Your Bathroom Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

If your bathroom is lackluster or rough around the edges, it’s no wonder it isn’t pulling the profits you hoped for. Your staff will soon start feeling pretty let down by your efforts. They, in turn, may stop working as hard as you wished. Your customers, too, are unlikely to buy from you if they can’t even wash their hands under your sorry old taps. Make sure that doesn’t happen by going all out with bathroom design. Cover those stripped walls with some top-end tiles before anyone sees what a mess they are. Invest in a water booster pump system which ensures your taps release water with power. These aren’t huge tasks to take care of, but they could take your bathroom from bust to bustling.

You’re Springing Leaks

Bathroom leaks are annoying at the best of times. We all have that one tap at home which is ALWAYS going on. But, when you bring a leak like this to your business, you’re looking at significant lost profits. That’s because every single drip comes out of your accounts. If you have one or two leaky sinks, then, you’re looking at vast amounts of wasted money. Don’t let it happen. Make sure to install taps tightly to avoid leaks developing. And, if you do notice a drip, don’t hesitate to get a plumber in to deal with the problem. Believe it or now, you could end up saving yourself a fortune.

You Forgot That Less Is More

It’s also worth remembering the adage that less is more here. In business, we have a habit of going for gold. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit in us. As such, you may have gone for a five-cubicle toilet with a multitude of sinks. And, sure, it looks the part. But, you then have to pay extortionate bills for bathroom facilities you don’t need. By cutting back and opting for no more than two or three cubicles, you could cut costs while still keeping everyone happy.

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