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Friends You’ll Need On Your Property Development Journey

You need plenty of smarts, plenty of market savvy, and the ability to do plenty of independent research if you’re going to make a success out of a property development run. It’s one of the most involved ways to invest in property, but it’s also the most profitable if you get it right. Getting it right, however, means having the right expertise on your side. Here are a few of the friends that are crucial to your journey.


Making good development choices, finding the right property to develop, and spotting potential wins means having a thorough understanding of the numbers game. Few will more be able to give you all the data you need for an effective purchase than the right surveyor. They can help you understand not only the real value of the house and how much you should be willing to spend on it but can highlight potential issues that, once fixed, could help you see better gains on your investment.


Of course, you are going to need builders to complete the projects and the remodels that make up the biggest portion of your work. shows that finding the right builder isn’t just about choosing a team that’s near. Property developers want to find teams they can rely on in the long-term for different projects, so establishing that they are trustworthy and have experience in the kind of projects you want to tackle is essential. Spend time confirming their credentials with bodies like their license number and membership of any construction associations and check if they have a profile on the Better Business Bureau to ensure they are not haunted by any controversy.


There’s a lot that goes into constructing a project or investing in extensions and it might be down to the site itself rather than how you build it. Engineers are essential for getting a look at the conditions of soil and whether or not a site can support the project. You can check out to learn more about how to better prepare that site to ensure any new builds or extensions can stand securely. Of course, that can increase the cost of a project, so you have to factor it into the budget and decide whether or not said project will be profitable enough to cover it.


Property can be a legal minefield, so it should be no surprise that you’re going to need a team that can help you navigate it. Most of the time, your lawyers are simply going to be handling all the legal busywork you need to complete to move to the next step of a project plan but they can also ensure that any agreements you make with contractors protect your investment in the case of delays, errors, and so on.

Bear in mind, you can’t rely entirely on your friends in property development. You are still going to be the one making the big calls, finding the right spots on the marketing and deciding where and when to invest. Still, without the kind of help above, you could find trouble taking the steps you need towards profit.

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