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How to Put on a Business Event That Makes an Impact

When you own a business, particularly when you’ve just started out, it is so important to make sure that you market yourself well, and that you put every effort into doing so. Sure, you could hope that word-of-mouth generates the interest that you need, but in reality, something like a business event could really put your brand into the minds of others. But how are you supposed to put on an event that establishes your position in the community, in all of the right ways?

Here are 10 simple tips, to help to make your evening a success.

#1: Think About the Venue

Before you host your event, you need to think thoroughly about the venue that you’re going to opt for. Needless to say, putting on the event in the office is a good idea if you want to put yourself on the map, and you have a shiny new space to show off to the public, and other business owners. However, a nearby place, where you have the right facilities to showcase what you’ve been working on, is also an option that could work for you. Think about the space that you have!

#2: Rehearse Your Public Speaking

Unfortunately, some people just aren’t very good at public speaking. If you’re not great at holding the attention of people, and you usually read with a pretty monotone voice, then now is the time to correct this. You’ve got an hour or so of talking time, and if it’s not an interesting talk, people are going to associate this with your brand for the foreseeable future. Scrub up your skills, and if you can’t, then get somebody else to do most of the talking, as it’s deeply important.

#3: Provide Adequate Refreshments

Nobody wants to go to a business event and find that there are two bottles of wine to share between 100 guests. It makes you look like you’re not that bothered about the needs of your potential clients, so provide canapes and drinks for all attendees. You don’t have to go overboard here, but be careful about not providing enough. It’s a relatively small cost to you, that will have huge benefits to your business in the future, when the name of your brand has not been tainted.

#4: Link Your Speech to the Community

The main thing that business owners, and potential clients, will want to know when they attend your business event, is that you’re going to make an effort to benefit the community through your company, and that you intend to uphold certain standards in order to do so. This is, of course, more relevant to small businesses, but there is an increasing onus on business owners to trade ethically, specifically if you’re in a small community. Make pledges, and stick to them.

#5: Remove the Hierarchy

Another problem that you can face is that you adopt a holier-than-thou attitude, where you believe that your business event is like a sweet 16. Sure, this event should be about your business and what you’ve achieved, but this is about how professional you can be, and the values that you want to carve out for yourself amongst the local business owners. Confidence, of course, is great, but don’t come across cocky. You could learn things from these people if you make the right impression.

#6: Give out Some Promotional Products

A great way to make sure that your business sticks in the mind of the people who attend your event is to give out promotional products, made by a local supplier. Whether it’s USB flash drives, stationary, or even clothing, everybody loves a freebie, and it’s a great way to market your brand, as the logo will be adorned onto the front of these products and perhaps used by some of the business owners who you really want to be remembered by. Promote yourself through freebies!

#7: Choose a Convenient Time

Whatever type of business you have, the likelihood is that there are times of the year that are incredibly busy; perhaps when people have to pay taxes, or in the summer months when there are more people visiting their businesses. Whilst you will probably get some attendees if you put your event on around these times, you may be losing out by having some important people decline the invitation. Think wisely about a convenient time, and avoid similar times to other events, too.

#8: Think About What You Want to Achieve

Going into any planning stage for a business event, without really knowing what you want to achieve, isn’t a wise move. You should think these things through in as much detail as you can, and see how you can tailor your event around the aims that you’re planning to achieve. If you want to market the opening of a business website, then shape your presentations around that. If you want to make an impact in your community, then think how you can convey this to others.

#9: Market the Event Well

One of the most important things that you can do is marketing the event well. If you manage to build up some momentum behind it, by advertising it on Facebook and other platforms, and giving people sufficient notice that it is going to occur, then you’ll be able to make the attendance rate as high as possible. Send out reminders when the event is coming around, so that people don’t forget the date, time and location. This should increase your headcount on the night!

#10: Analyze the Impacts of the Event

If you really want to find increases to your profits, and also that you’re getting a lot more interest in from potential clients, then it’s a good idea to do a thorough analysis of the figures both before, and in the weeks after, your event. Look at how many enquiries you’re getting afterwards, what sales are like, and whether you’re getting interest to make those important, lasting connections with others in business. Keeping an eye on this is key to your success.

So, if you want to put on a business event that makes an impact, then keep these 10 simple things in mind!

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