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Go Green to Save Money

Going green at both work and home can reduce your spending as well as your carbon footprint. With easy upgrades, you can help to build a cheaper and more sustainable life.

Recycle and Reuse

It’s first of all fundamental to eliminate waste where you can, this will inevitably save you money. There are so many products that you don’t need to buy and that you can replace with a more sustainable option. Invest in sports bottles, reusable coffee cups, and bags. You can buy these items cheaply and they are available from many different shops and online. For some options to start, click here. Don’t stop there either, there are many sustainable products available, from stationery to clothing, and almost all household items. You can encourage the use of these at your business as well, educate your employees to follow suit.

At the office recycle as much as you can. Don’t waste paper. You can implement a system where paper only printed on once can be used again. In general, try to set up a paperless office. This will save you loads on supplies and it’s much easier to do everything electronically. Keep all documents uploaded to the cloud and share them between employees and clients. You can invoice automatically and take online payments.

Be More Energy-Efficient

There are many ways you can reduce your consumption of both gas and electricity. Replace all your lightbulbs both at home and at work with LEDs. These are much more durable and hardly lose any energy through heat. They will last you years and you will save a great deal on your electricity bill. In order to add light to the office, use interior design tricks. Have white as the main wall and ceiling color and rearrange furniture to let in as much natural light as possible. Choose patterned furnishings with white in the design as well, as these will help to scatter light around.

Make sure you stay well insulated at home and at the office by replacing all windows with double-glazing. This means you won’t lose heat through the windows and you will save plenty on your gas bill. Install carpets as well so as not to lose heat through the floor. This will make it easier for you to maintain a comfortable temperature without the elements affecting it. On hot days you will notice the difference as well, so you will save a lot on both heating and air-conditioning.


Go for second-hand artwork and furniture to create a timeless and unique style. You can find a lot of used items online for next to nothing. If you’re feeling creative why not try upcycling. Refurbish any items with recycled materials. Upcycling is trending at the moment so it’s the cheapest and easiest way to have a more stylish interior. Kit out your office interior with these fun items as well, as they help to create a more personal and influential environment than stiff, mass-produced, cheaply made products. Have fun!

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