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A Guide to Starting an E-Commerce Store

Before the advent of the internet, having a store in which you sold a certain type of produce tied you down to a location for much of your life. Not so in the digital age – nowadays, eCommerce stores can be operated from anywhere in the world, which frees you up to live the life of a digital nomad. Even if you’re not interested in achieving geographical freedom, setting up an eCommerce store is still a fabulously easy way to make money without living the 9-5 life. Here are some tips to get you started.

Get Online

The first phase is, of course, the most obvious – you need to set up an online store for your digital customers to access. You can integrate this with the likes of Google and Amazon at a later date, but it’s important to have a presence on the internet in your own right too. That’s why you should look into hosting options – like the smart hosting offered by They’ll get your site up and running and will help you with the payment processing set-up, allowing plug-ins that take multiple forms of payment, so that you don’t lose customers at the point of sale.

Create the Content

Just as a delicious dish is mouth-watering initially by its appearance alone, your products must be presented in the best possible light in order to generate the sales and the profits that you’re looking for in your eCommerce store. Make sure that you have a talented web designer for the website layout, and excellent photographs to represent your products. Ensure too that the text presented on your site is of the highest standard, inspiring eagerness and confidence in those who read it. This content will drive sales and improve click-through rates to the point of sale.

Consider Your Target Consumers

Your target consumers are everything. Unlike a physical store, which can be seen by anyone walking on the street, your online store will have to market itself to be seen by a certain type of consumer. You could be selling popular food products, clothes or frisbees, but if you don’t have the traffic clicking through to your site, you’ll not make any sales, and your business will collapse. Be familiar with who you’re selling to – and big data analytics can help you here – in order to achieve the highest possible sales.

Market Well

The final stage to the successful creation of your online store is to get marketing to improve your findability and exposure on the world wide web. There are multiple techniques you can employ to make this happen. Everything from social media marketing to the well-established world of email marketing campaigns. You may be most interested in programmatic marketing to promote your products – it’s a data-driven, algorithm-based form of targeted advertising that enables you to present your products to those most likely to be interested in buying them.

Setting up an eCommerce store is easy with the right level of planning and prior knowledge – something this article aims to help you in.

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