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4 Marketing Techniques from Big Brands You Should Start Using

Marketing is a tricky art and using those who have already succeeded in it is a valid strategy, especially for small businesses that are only starting their path. It’s not only about ideas for campaigns or designs that you should borrow. You should look at how top brands are handling their customers to keep their loyalty. Companies like LEGO, KFC, Domino’s, and GoPro have a lot to teach you.

4 Marketing Lessons You Should Learn from Top Brands

#1: Make the Interaction Simple with Social Media

Look at how Domino’s became the top pizza brand by using social media as one of its main tools. Starting from the Think Oven program that asked customers for their opinions through Facebook to Twee-to-Order and a Messenger bot that made ordering pizza a simple matter of a few clicks.

Domino’s is the brand you should study in depth when looking for ways to boost your social media marketing strategy. As it also offers a great example of how to integrate social media into every aspect of your marketing strategy.

#2: Become a Pro in Determining Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important elements of business success is customer satisfaction. However, how do you know if your customers are disappointed or even not 100% satisfied? Look at KFC to learn how to learn that information and use it. Every person eating at KFC gets a chance to complete the Mykfcexperience Survey. It only takes a few moments to fill out, so the engagement rate is reasonably high. And the data that the company gets through it is invaluable.

By creating detailed customer satisfaction surveys of your own, you’ll be able to understand what exactly your customers want you to change. And you can increase their engagement by offering some token service or gift for completing the survey.

#3: Connect with People Through Fun Stories on Instagram

Take a look at LEGO Instagram account and you’ll definitely understand why it has over 2.6 million subscribers. Who can resist the sheer cuteness of these videos? And the reason they are so easy to connect to is that they show the pop culture tropes everyone loves to laugh at, albeit in the LEGO style. Those cute clips are what keeps the subscribers interested and thus, the ‘business’ posts announcing new products and deals get more attention.

Creating a fun Instagram account and establishing a unique style is the lesson to take from LEGO. Your task here is to provide content that will be fun and lighthearted, thus keeping your audience interested in checking it every day to get a boost of positivity. Meanwhile, you will be adding business-boosting posts to your feed to increase your sales.

#4: Use Customer-Generated Content like a Pro

If you want to learn how to turn customer-generated content into a rocket fuel for business, take a look at the GoPro story. From targeting athletes to actively asking everyone to share their personal videos and treating each with equal care, GoPro took user-generated content and made it into a goldmine.

If you are looking to build a social brand with a focus on connecting to a specific community, making its voice your main message is the way to go.

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