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Would you like to write and publish your guest post here? Well, guess what? I have fantastic news – you can easily do it! On top of that, I encourage you to. Don`t be shy and don`t doubt yourself! I am a curious guy and am willing to do something together, if you have some cool ideas!

This website is a byproduct of everything my life consists of – hard work and travel. It is a place where I share my experience and knowledge, but I want to give people more than that. I would LOVE to have others contributing to The Summer Lad and expressing their points of view. If you would like to contribute to my blog, check out the categories below and think about which ones you could write for:

  • Banking
  • Business Topics
  • Credit Cards and Loans
  • Financial News
  • How to Save Money
  • Insurance
  • Investing and Retirement
  • Make Money
  • Freelance
  • Personal Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Shopping
  • Stock Trading

Guest posting is a great tool for both you and me, which is why I am so into it. I do not want to be the only mind and voice here, whereas you would definitely like to have more readers, because who wouldn’t, right? This is how we can help each other. I have done guest posting in the past, and I must say – some of the publications skyrocketed my own website. It is amazing, because it is a genuine way to promote yourself and what you do! In my opinion, main advantages of guest posting are:

  • You can build your portfolio. I struggled with this at first, because I thought my career was the best portfolio of all. However, when it comes to writing, you have to practice and find your own voice. Getting people used to the way you form your thoughts into words is important too. Plus, if there are websites you would like to contribute to, but they are not interested in you yet, you should totally guest post elsewhere. You will be able to come back later then and impress them with what you have done.
  • You can get good traffic to your own platform. If you realize that your audience is interested in similar subjects with mine, then it is definitely a great idea to write for my website. You do not want someone who is not interested in what you do visit your website, because it is useless.
  • You can build your influence. This is something everyone wants, but few people understand how to achieve it. Collaborating with someone who already has a certain level of respect is a great chance. Like I said, I am open to it! Some amazing entrepreneurs helped me out a while ago when I started, and I would like to do the same for you.

From my own experience, I know that some people let fear get in their way, and I used to be like that when I was younger. NOT anymore! You should not either! If you are a regular reader or someone who has just discovered my website and you realize that you would like to see yourself among the contributors – make it happen. Don`t waste your time and your potential! There are no test assignments or any other kind of bullshit.

I want you to say just once again that it’s hassle-free to write for my website. I am such a fanboy of writing and reading these days, that I can spend hours doing those things. If you want to submit a guest post to my blog or just have a worthy idea – send me an e-mail [email protected] or use the contact form below. Let`s work together, let`s develop your thoughts and turn them into something COOL!