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Are you looking for a financial advisor? Someone who could help you with stocks or managing your income in a smart way? An experienced financier capable of assisting you earn and save more, invest, or plan your retirement successfully? Or, maybe you are keen on giving up your boring 9-to-5 job in the States and moving to Asia, but have no idea how to make it possible? I am your guy! I am here to share my experience and my knowledge, and to help you achieve your goals!

By working with me you get insight from someone who knows the biz from the inside, but has the perspective of an outsider, which is a GREAT COMBO! You don’t want to be fooled or taken advantage of, but that’s not possible with me, as I am on my own. Everything I do affects my reputation directly and immediately, so I DO MY BEST OR I DON`T DO IT AT ALL.

You won’t have to waste time planning a meeting with me or attending one, as I do everything via Skype. On top of that, I create my own schedule, so let me know what time suits you and that will be the time we talk. We can make plans and money together, anywhere, at any time! I am sure you will appreciate this flexibility, which is impossible with a traditional big-firm advisor.

Finances can be boring, but I guarantee they are damn FUN with me! I am always keen to deal with any financial issues; an energy fills me up and I cannot stop! There is always a solution, but it is essential to make your first step forward. Do it, and you might change your life! Send me a message via the contact form below and I will reply back as soon as I finish my surfing session!