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Don’t Go Overboard, Know What Amounts To Sexual Harassment

Your professional environment should be a place for you to grow exceptionally and become better at what it is you do. Learning and asking questions to further your own skills and talents is what an office, a factory, a boardroom or wherever else should be.

Your colleagues are paradoxical because, on the one hand, you want to learn from them and become a better team. On the other, you want to show you’re better than them so you subconsciously treat them as your rivals. Even if you get comfortable with one another, sometimes people get far too comfortable and begin to take liberties. Instead of a place for work they treat environment like it was a nightclub and become too flirtatious; beyond just banter. They may also begin to touch you where you don’t want them to. But in this modern day and age, it seems like the sexes have an extremely hard time understanding one another. Going overboard can ruin relationships that need not be, so you need to judge carefully as to what actually amounts of sexual harassment.

Comments on Looks

The genders are truly polarized nowadays. Men especially have become extremely cautious about what they say to women with regards to compliments. Men may share positive remarks with each other about their looks or hairstyle, but women are seen as too risky. Human resources departments have very strict guidelines on what you can say to each other and still hold those words are non-threatening or vile. If someone comments on your new look, for example, it may just be totally innocent. They’ve noticed something new about you and it’s simply reactionary response as the brain recognizes who you are but you’re not the same picture that was stored in their memory. Hence don’t get too sensitive about someone saying ‘your hair looks nice’, or ‘great shoes’ for example. However, if they were to compliment on your features such as chest and buttocks then perhaps it’s your choice to set some limits and ask the person not to do so.

Obsessive Behavior

Spotting these kinds of people from a mile away is easy. When work relationships stop being formal in communication during working hours, it’s time to start paying close attention. If a boss has become overbearing and tries to supervise your every move by getting close to you and rubbing up against your body, then this is a clear breach of the ethics code. Insulting your sexual orientation is another form of harassment that shouldn’t be tolerated at all. Touching you inappropriately when criticizing the way you dress such as poking at your legs or stomach is completely out of order. In fact, to get your own back on such cretinous creatures took a look at this handy compensation calculator. Sexual harassment falls under the personal injury category. Factoring in emotional suffering and loss of quality and enjoyment of life at work is something solicitors would make relevant to a compensation lawsuit against an employer.

It’s okay if someone at work makes an off the cuff compliment about someone’s looks as long as it’s not vulgar. However, when there are clear sexual bullying and inappropriate language and touching, this is something that should be fought with the power of a personal injury solicitor.

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