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Traveling has taught me to be as open as possible to any opportunity that comes my way, which is why I will consider whatever you suggest. I am eager to see this platform grow, and I am interested in discovering how much I could do with it. You can place an ad here or we could do a series of posts with native advertising for your product or service. I hate boring content, so if you choose to cooperate with me, the results will be anything but dull.

I have written a few articles for other web-sites recently, so keep in mind that I am open for it too. It is a fun experience to practice my writing skills and reach a wider audience than my own. Also, I enjoy answering questions for the interviews. I had some unexpected revelations about myself, while doing it, so I see it as a self-discovery process now. Even if it just for a small blog – don`t be shy, reach out to me!

Or maybe you have an event that you would like me to take part in? COOL! Tell me more about it. I have not done a ton of speaking yet, but I am definitely into it. There is nothing I enjoy more these days than sharing my story, inspiring others and motivating them to change something in their lives. It kicks my ass and helps me procrastinate less and do more! I promise, I am neither a problematic guest, nor a fussy eater. Having me as a guest is usually a blast.

O-o-o-h, and I have not done any podcasts yet, but I intend to change it soon. If you have an entrepreneurial podcast – let me know!!! I travel a lot, so it might seem like an issue to plan a call with me, but we could actually meet in real life and have a proper conversation or we could just Skype.

Send me an e-mail at [email protected] or use the contact form below to let me know what you have in mind. I am open to do something TOTALLY AWESOME with anyone from anywhere!