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5 Ways to Make Money on the Side in the Gig Economy

If you are looking to make some easy money, this post is a must read for you. It’s written by Nat Smith, community member. For those who don’t know, Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. I asked Nat to write the post for my blog, because I’m sure some of you will love this money making idea.

It’s hard to imagine that you could make money playing with dogs, but in the gig economy, anything is possible. Owners need dedicated, loving caregivers for their pets–and you need reliable, flexible, and enjoyable work. You were made for each other!, an extensive community of dog lovers, is the best place to start your entrepreneurial endeavor. The site covers 24/7 assistance, insurance, marketing, and more.

Once you sign up, you can select the services you want to offer. You’ll also set your own rates for each type of care you choose to provide.

#1 Become a House-Sitter

House sitting is a simple, fun way to get started. Owners may be gone for just a night or for a long duration. Either way, they need someone to look over their home and their pets, and you can use your know-how to do both. You’ll also be provided with a place to stay, which can often feel like an in-town vacation! Best of all, the pet will feel completely at home–because she is–and you’ll get to slide right into following through with her daily routine. You’ll provide daily care, exercise, and playtime to meet all the dog’s needs, and anything else you and the owner agree on.

For house-sitting and boarding, you’ll charge per night, based on your experience level. You can check the rates charged by other local sitters to gauge your starting point.

#2 Dog Walking

Dogs need daily walks, usually multiple times a day. While some owners are able to keep up with all of their pet’s exercise needs, others hire help. That’s where you come in. You might be asked to come by at the same time every weekday, on another regular schedule, or for one-off walks. Ideally, you’ll be able to find multiple clients in the same neighborhood whose dogs need walks at similar times of day. That way, you can either combine (if all the owners give their OK), or go from one to the next. Either way, you’ll be able to help a pet get the exercise they need and earn a competitive rate for each dog on each walk.

Want to pack in some playtime? Find out if you can take the dog to the nearest dog park, or bookend the walk with a game of fetch in the yard.

#3 Provide Doggy Daycare

Some dogs are happy to while away the hours during the typical workday. Others need more stimulation, whether it’s to ensure they’re at their happiest and healthiest or to relive the owners’ anxiety that something in the house might otherwise be broken or damaged. Doggy daycare means one thing: Playtime! You’ll provide lots of attentive care, including walks. Depending on the pet’s energy level, you might even get some downtime to get your own work done–the important thing is that the pet’s wellbeing gets first priority.

#4 Drop-In Visits

Similar to walks, drop-in visits allow you to stop by and provide essential care. A dog may need medication at a certain time of day, or their owner might be out at mealtime. It’s a quick and easy way to check in and ensure everything is in order, and owners who need drop-in visits have a high likelihood of becoming repeat clients.

#5 Board Pets In Your Home

There are many reasons you might prefer to offer care in your own home. Maybe you have your own little ones to look after–canine or otherwise–or an excellent yard for playtime. Boarding pets overnight can be a minimally-disruptive gig: You don’t even have to go anywhere, except for walks around the block!

Pet sitters are more active, more joyful, and more satisfied with their lives. They’re also building stable gig-based careers to supplement day jobs, night jobs, or other work. As you gain experience and clientele, you’ll be able to raise your rates, book more openings, and enjoy a steady stream of income with your side hustle. What could be better?