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How to Add Value to Your Customers and Create a USP

If you would like to make the most out of your business and grow your market share, you cannot carry on doing what your competition is doing. Instead, it is important that you take a step back, do your market research, survey your customers, and find out how you can please them even more without having to raise your prices or increase your costs. There are several value added services that can improve your conversion rates and retention, you just have to find out what your market really wants. Here is a quick guide to how to get started.

Listen to Their Needs

If you want to know what your market wants, stop guessing and ask your current and potential customers. It might be a good idea to create an online survey, but gathering feedback from review sites and testimonials is also effective. You need to find out what is missing from your offers and your competitors’, so you can make adjustments that will give your potential clients a good enough reason to buy from you and not somebody else.

Provide Updates

It is important that you stay in touch with your customers. Whether you are doing their renovation or are preparing their marketing plan, communication is crucial. If you don’t currently have a CRM system set up, it might be time to invest in one, so you never forget about sending out updates or following up client orders. People appreciate the human element and they will get to know, trust, and like you if you show that you really care about their experience.

Additional Services That Make a Difference

Take some time off your business and try to look at it from a 360 angle. Brainstorm ideas of how you can make your services better and how to make a difference. To boost your customer trust, you might want to introduce a follow up method, or give them access to their online account, so they can see when their product or service is going to be delivered.

Value Loyalty

Customers are likely to buy from people they like and trust, and that is why you need to show your appreciation every time they contact you with a new order. Introduce loyalty discounts and referral rewards, so they can become raving fans, instead of just another customer. Word-of-mouth advertising can provide you with a lot of benefits and lower your marketing budget, too.

Embrace Technology

Sometimes technology has all the solutions, but you need to research what is out there. As an example, running a home renovation business can be challenging, given the popularity of DIY and the competition. However, if you can find a way to protect your clients’ valuables and leave the home tidy and clean, they will consider using you over another contractor. You might want to look into dehumidifier rental so you can remove moisture after painting or steaming off the wallpaper.

Finding your USP and delivering better services, more value to your customers can increase your reputation and loyalty.

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