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Beach, City or Country: Which Is Best for You?

When you were growing up, you probably imagined where you might like to live. Perhaps you dreamed of rolling waves or maybe dashing out of the city was more appealing.

Location is everything when you are choosing where to live. This doesn’t just mean figuring out how long a round trip to your parent’s house will take when you have more washing than you ever thought possible. It also means thinking about the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

The options are limitless for people these days and the idea of staying in the same small village for your whole life is firmly a thing of the past. This means that whether you want to consult a realtor in Hawaii or find an apartment share in New York, there will probably be something for you – if you know what you are looking for…

Beach Living

Just imagine it: a long stretch of warm white sand with lapping waves and a gentle sea breeze. Who wouldn’t want a healthy beach lifestyle? Living by the sea is a fantastic reason to get out and about more, boosting your activity levels and increasing the amount of sunlight you get. Plus, if you choose a more remote area of the beach, you are less likely to be subject to air pollution.

Not only is the beach a great place to play sports like volleyball but running on sand is actually brilliant for building endurance. And, once your sundrenched workout is complete, you can lie back on your towel and chill out. This is the life.

City Living

In direct contrast to the desert island, the city is ideal for people who want the whole gamut of human life on their front doorstep. Cities are ideal for young professionals looking to make their way but they can also be the perfect place for meeting a wide range of people. If you are looking for your tribe, the city is your best chance of finding them.

Cities are by their very natures well-connected and easy to get around. Of all the advantages of living in the city, the public transport available has to be up there with the best. This means that no matter where you are or what time it is, you can enjoy all the cultural offers around. City life is a busy life and it’s not for everyone but if you make the most of it, it can be amazing.

Country Living

If space is your thing then country living is a natural move. Living in the middle of nowhere might mean a certain lack of public transport but it does ensure peace and quiet and nights that are actually dark. Much like the beach, the countryside tends to have better quality air.

The country also allows people to have much bigger homes. While the city might offer you a bijou cupboard, the country can afford you a palace with land as well. For young people thinking about starting a family, the countryside should definitely feature on the list of places you might like to settle.

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