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As a Business, Your Image Means Everything

Image is everything in many professional fields. This is why companies, celebrities and public bodies spend so much each year on PR and reputational management, because sometimes being perceived in the right way is more important than actually acting in the right way.

Does this mean you should stop acting in the right way? Of course not. Sooner or later, you will be found out, and that cohesive reputation you spent so much time curating will crack and fall to the abyss.

That being said, you cannot afford to ignore your image. You may be hitting all the right notes as a firm, but one scathing and terrible review, let’s say on TripAdvisor or another well-used resource, can leave you scrambling for further business no matter how inaccurate the statements are.

This means that image is important to curate provided you’re establishing a worthwhile substance behind it. But have you considered through how many formats your image can be considered? And once you learn of a new format, how can you best develop it to your advantage?

With the following advice, we’ll explore that together.

Your Signage

Signage can mean everything. Is your premises well signposted, with a carefully curated sign platform? How about the front of your building? It could be that through searching for a ‘granite supplier near me’ and looking for design inspiration to craft your outer walls, or to build a feature within your office space, or to proudly telegraph your presence using a constructed material of this type, you immediately show attention to detail, creativity, and also craftsmanship through your promotional efforts. That can be a powerful first step for any business to apply.

Your Branding

Your branding truly matters, in more ways than one. For instance, are your business cards well crafted and high quality? Is your jingle comprised with real voice talent and instruments rather than a simple, boring message? How are the primary colors used in your logo then reflected throughout your other branding schemes, do the color palettes match? How minimal or complex may you wish to develop your website UI, considering the daily practical realities of how your audience will use this platform? The more you can consider your branding, the more you will show just who you are and how competent you may be.

Your Promotional Language

Your promotional language truly does mean something. Hiring a worthwhile copywriter or professional branding service can help you get this right, but it’s also important you know how you wish to message your platform. A funky fresh use of language with many in-jokes and silly insights may work for a new juice brand, for instance, but it’s hardly going to work well for a law firm specializing in criminal defence. From the copy on your website to how you structure more direct promotional materials, ensure the writing is well-considered and represents your firm in the best, most accurate light.

With this advice, we hope you can curate your business image in the best possible context.

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