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Business Tips from Industry Giants – Follow Your Instinct, Not the Trends

In this fast moving world technology is constantly changing, and sometimes it can affect your business for good or bad if you don´t make strategic decisions at the right time. Commonsense teaches business should always move with the latest trends, or even be on top of them, but a smart move could be doing exactly the opposite.

This is the case of William Hill Sportsbook, a company that is as old as sports betting itself in the UK. It is one of the oldest sportsbooks in Europe and made its fortune thanks to physical betting shops, spread out on every corner of the nation.

The market changed and now most wagers are made online through a desktop and mobile device. William Hill has seen the rise of strong competitors in their own turf, sportsbooks that only operate online and grow at a staggering rate.

Instead of remaining dormant, they followed the technological changes and now operate one of the biggest sportsbook, casino, and a very unique top of the line virtual betting platform, something that goes beyond the future and that can become the next trend in sports betting.

WH even offers its own app for download when most casinos do not have one, thanks to the denial of app stores to promote gambling apps.

William Hill also works in-par to the biggest online casino providers to offer one of the widest ranges of online games to its clients.

Bottom line, William Hill is riding the innovation wave right at the top, but their strategic growth focus is on the back of the wave, on the clear waters competitors have underestimated and left alone.

When Everyone Goes Online, Who Goes to the Streets?

The strategic leaders at WH recognize the online business as the future, but they are very aware their strength lies on the retail physical shops, a business they have developed for over 60 years.

Recently William Hill entered the coveted Las Vegas market by overtaking the two major betting shops in the state.

“We believe that LBO customers are looking for an entertaining and engaging experience, ranking convenience as their main reason to bet in LBOs per se and location and customer service as the key reasons for choosing a particular LBO. We have focused on the quality of our customer service, our product range – particularly in football – and technology innovations to bring customers an attractive and differentiated offering.” – CFO at William Hill

 “Our teams benefit from a unique training structure which allows them to become experts in our products. This sets us apart even further from the industry competitors, as no matter what issues arise; our colleagues can be relied upon to provide a solution to earning us the only thing money cannot buy on the high street…trust.”

Retail shops offers an experience online websites do not. This are places were bettors without a credit card or e-wallet can enjoy their hobby, sitting down in front an HD video wall of cinematic size, with live odd tables and sound immersion.  This is social to a physical level.

So remember, when thinking about following a trend, look back and see if your competitors all left the old market clear for the taking.