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The Complete Guide to Home Staging

If you are planning to put your property on the market, one thing you need to master is the art of home staging. This is all about presenting your property in a manner that makes it more attractive to a potential buyer. You need to show off your property’s best features and you need to make sure that anyone viewing the property can imagine themselves living there. So, how do you do this? Read on to discover plenty of tips…

Home Staging… Why It Begins with You

Picture this… You have spent ages tidying your house, you have cleaned it from top to bottom, you have done all of your necessary repairs, and you have even purchased a few new home accessories and a nice bunch of flowers to put in your vase. Everything looks great! You are ready to welcome your viewers. But, you open the door in your slippers, or in a food-stained t-shirt! Not a great impression right? Of course, it’s not you that is being judged, it is your home! Surely it shouldn’t matter what you wear? True, but home staging begins with you. You are a representation of your property.

If you answer the door in your slippers and a pair of jogging bottoms, you are not really selling yourself. And, though people may not realise it, they will judge their property based on you. It’s a natural reaction. So, what should you wear? You don’t want to go over-the-top. There is no need to wear formal attire; this will make your viewers feel uncomfortable. Simply make yourself presentable. Someone who looks like they take care of themselves gives off the impression that they have taken care of their home as well.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Family Photographs to Help Your Home Sell

You may love your family photographs and the paintings your kids have created for you, but when it comes to selling a house, it is time for a quick change. Your personal photographs will make it more homely for you, but it actually makes it more difficult for viewers to connect.

So, what should you go for instead? Look for a nice piece of wall art in high street stores or on the Internet. Keep it neutral. Don’t go for anything too wacky or anything that is going to offend potential buyers, i.e. nude pictures.

One of the best approaches to take is to choose a colour from your existing décor. This will create a great sense of balance and harmony in the room, which is the ideal ambience for a home viewing. Great choices include florals, foliage, landscapes, abstract art, geometric pieces, and generic black and white photography.

A lot of people are put off at the thought of buying art because of prices. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a nice piece of artwork. Unless you plan on taking the piece of wall art with you, there is no need to splash the cash.

Easy Tips to Help Sell Your Home by Making Rooms Look Bigger!

When it comes to selling your home it is definitely a case of the bigger the better. It is common sense – a potential buyer is going to be more impressed with a spacious bathroom than a cramped and cluttered one. Of course, you cannot alter the dimensions of your rooms, but you can manipulate them!

Begin by getting rid of all of the clutter. If the item does not add to the presentation of the room, you don’t need it! Viewers will judge the size of a room by the amount of floor space they see. If you have bits and pieces on the floor of your room you are making it look smaller. The same goes for the work surface in your kitchen.

Let as much light into the room as possible and you can also make the space appear larger. This will open up the interior and make it look a lot bigger. If you have a mirror in the room, you should consider its position. Mirrors make light bounce across the room and are therefore extremely effective. If you place your mirror near a window you can reflect the outdoors and this is a great way of making your room look larger.

Eight Lighting Secrets to Help You Sell Your Home

While we are on the subject of lighting, the right lighting will not only create a welcoming feel, but it will also highlight areas of your home to make it more appealing. So, let’s take a look at some lighting tips to help your property sell…

  • Turn on all of your lamps – the easiest rule of them all, but one people often forget!
  • Ensure fixtures are clean and replace any out-dated ones.
  • Make sure you have all bulbs in the correct wattage. We are all guilty of replacing a multi-bulb fixture with whatever is on hand!
  • Use light to create drama. You can highlight certain features in the room, such as a plant or a piece of art.
  • Add task lighting to your kitchen. A great way to do this is to mount halogen pot lights underneath your cupboards to create the best counter lighting. This is something most homeowners do not have enough of.
  • Natural sunlight is imperative – make sure you pull back the curtains and that your windows are sparkly clean.
  • Use multiple sources of light. Create the right atmosphere with your choice of overhead lighting and then select two other sources of light, such as a lamp.
  • If you are looking for a quick style fix, replace your lampshades.

Five Finishing Touches to Help Your Home Sell!

Finishing touches can make a massive difference when trying to sell your home. As they say, it’s the little things that matter! If you have a few minutes to spare, you should…

  • Fill vases with flowers – Nothing is more welcoming than a nice vase of flowers. This creates a fresh, warm and elegant vibe.
  • Open some windows – You should open some windows. It is always a good idea to let fresh air in. This is especially the case if you have pets! Don’t make your house chilly though!
  • Put some music on – Music helps to create the perfect atmosphere for buying (if chosen carefully). Opt for relaxing music and play it on a low volume. Keep your choice fairly neutral and ensure it fits in with the style of your home.
  • New accessories – Nowadays you can purchase cute home accessories at very low prices. If you feel one of your rooms is lacking a bit of personality, invest in a couple of pieces. It can make a big difference.
  • Fresh linen – If you have the time it is a great idea to put out fresh towels, throws, bedding and such like. From curtains to even tea towels, everything looks better when it is clean.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can stage your home to encourage a sale. Follow the suggestions mentioned above and you can increase the chances of selling your property.

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