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Coping When You’re out of Work

Being out of work can be painful, for a few reasons. Maybe you’re sick, or injured. Obviously, you’re going to feel terrible. Maybe you’ve been let go – rejection can feel horrible, and of course you’ll be wondering what to do next. Here, you’ll find some suggestions for coping when you’re out of work. As much as it may feel like it now, the world is not over and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Find a Professional to Help You

The first thing you should do, is find a professional that can help you with your situation. There are many free services out there that will be of use to you. It can be tempting to stay in bed and wallow in your own self pity for a while, and that can be acceptable for the first day or so, but you really need to get back on your feet with a more positive attitude sooner, rather than later. You will need to look for advice if you’ve been let go – what to do next? Was it done properly? Were they within their rights? How will you find your next job? Or, you may need to look for a personal injury law firm if you’ve been injured. The sooner you look for a pro to help you, the better. Get the momentum going and you’ll start feeling much better right away.

Stay Busy

If you’ve been let go, staying busy will stop you from slobbing around in lounge wear and binging on Netflix. Try reading something, maybe a self improvement/development book. These books can help you to find a new perspective and mindset that will help you to move forward. You could watch youtube talks, take part in online courses (many of them are free, try Udemy), and do things you’ve put off for a while, like DIY around the house. The important thing is that you’re not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, and that you’re being proactive. Of course, if you’re sick or injured, you shouldn’t do anything too taxing.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Doing taxing things in an attempt to convince yourself that you’re getting better can only make things worse. Make sure you follow your doctor’s orders. If you do have to rest, then there’s nothing wrong with a Netflix marathon every now and again. Of course, reading books will stop your mind going to mush and probably make you feel better, but as long as you’re resting it doesn’t really matter. Rest and you’ll recover much faster than if you try to go back to normal too soon.

Speak to Somebody You Trust

Being off work can be tough. It can be tough if you’ve been let go, as you’ll be struggling with many nasty feelings. It can be tough if you’re injured, as you can worry that you’re missing too much and somebody else is doing a better job than you. Everybody has worries, so make sure you speak to a friend or family member and get it off your chest. Don’t let these thoughts weigh you down.

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