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Back to the Drawing Board: Making Alterations to an Old House

If you’re someone that’s lucky enough to inherit a property, you may find it’s a gift, or a burden. The great thing about inheriting your own home is that you’ve got a place that you can call your own. But with the property can be a lot of issues that you hadn’t thought about.

When we inherit a home that belonged to our grandparents or parents, we’ve got to think about the aesthetics, and what we can do to alter them, but also we need to think if the property is safe or not to live in. Of course, it can’t be that bad, but common building practices now are far different from a few decades ago. So what should you think about if your new home isn’t up to code?

A Thorough Inspection

A real estate inspection will give you a true opinion of what needs to be changed. You’re not a home expert, but by getting somebody on board to go through every single part of the house, and give you their professional opinion as to the safety of the property, and if there are any pressing concerns that need addressing sooner rather than later, you can get the ball rolling.

What Do You Want to Do with the Property?

If you want to give it a facelift, all you need to do is get in contact with a house flipper. There are so many house flipping companies that can do it in a very short space of time, and while these companies can charge a lot of money, it’s a very quick way to get the property looking more to your liking. Generally speaking, house renovations can take months, or even years. But if you’ve got a property that is generally to your liking, then you could spend the time saving up for a house flipper, to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Making Small Customizations

The most difficult thing about inheriting a property, or getting a property that’s been well lived in, is giving it a change but without sacrificing its character. This is where small changes could be a compromise. To make these minimal alterations, perhaps knocking a wall through so the living room and dining room become one big space, or altering the kitchen so the island is in the middle of the space, and so a breakfast bar can be center, and gives the space and modern twist, but still makes it ooze character. Upgrading and updating a space can mean that you will lose a lot of what makes the place special. And when you inherit a property, you can feel like it’s not yours. So it’s your decision, whether you want to make big sweeping statements and start all over again or add small touchstones that keep the charm.

Whether the place is not up to code, or it’s very much a blank canvas, a property that’s a fixer-upper can come with a lot of questions. Do you make changes to the space, or do you help to retain its character? Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to make the most of it.

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