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Ensuring Your Business Safety Standards Are Upheld

We can write the best safety policy, purchase the most useful safety equipment, ensure that training covers any and all aspects of potential hazards to be found on the job, but it will all be for naught unless we possess a staff capable and willing to abide by those efforts. Not only can personal injuries occur if these safety issues are not followed, but loss of potential life can occur, and of course, below those two priorities in prevention, your business may incur damage to assets and inventory.

Ensuring your business safety standards are upheld might seem like a hassle on the surface, but really, nothing could be more important. Also, despite outward appearances, it’s not enough to trust your staff to do the right thing. They must be absolutely accountable in doing so, and your job is to give them the tools, training and minimizing hazards that they might encounter.

Just like any form of business, accountability through more than just words is essential to build. With that in mind, we would refer you to the following advice, and wish you the best in your efforts:

Regular Testing

While training is also essential, it can be increasingly prudent to ensure that your staff are familiar with the techniques and processes they need to conform to in order to be ‘competent on the job.’ To this end, regular safety tests and quizzes can help you ensure that staff know the code inside and out. With this, you will feel more comfortable in promoting those who are capable to a higher position, perhaps even those who oversee the safety management processes. But at a base level, the more staff are reminded to abide by the golden standards, the less they are tempted to cut corners.

Evidence Gathering

It might be that not only training and quizzing your staff on their knowledge is enough, you need to ensure beyond a shadow of a day that evidence is being collected well to support or dispute their claims of a followed process. For example, installing an industrial camera in the areas of import can show you if staff are keeping to their word, or if they are wasting time and endangering one another through bad practices. Perhaps a staff member is injured and threatening legal action, but you can prove that they, straight out a training assessment meeting, still managed to ignore correct procedure. For the cost of one camera, you may defend both your staff’s health and your company’s legal standing.

Safety Gear

Regular inspections of the safety gear should be made in order to better ensure that your staff are protected. High-visibility vests, hard hats, thick gloves, industrial aprons, goggles or protective glasses, steel-toe capped boots, safety ropes and pulleys, teaching staff how to lift with their back, all of this just scratches the surface on how you should equip your staff. And remember, good training is often the best piece of ‘safety gear’ you could ever equip them with.

With these tips, your business safety standards should be upheld.

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