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Every Day I’m (Side) Hustling

There’s no doubt about it… The deck is stacked against us. We live in an age where it seems as though we’re constantly taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to our finances. It’s an age of wage repression where corporations deliberately keep our wages low to insulate their bottom line. An age where every job or promotion opportunity seems to draw hundreds of applicants. An age of unpaid internships that could open doors are simply not an option because we need to earn an income to keep the roof over our head. It’s an age in which savings accounts ain’t what they used to be and while there are more investment opportunities than ever in the digital age, the risks associated with them seem greater than ever. In this climate simple things like paying off our credit card or buying our own homes seem like unassailable pipe dreams.

So, how do we take control of our finances? Through the art of the side hustle. A side hustle, when done right, can be extremely empowering. Here we’ll look at some of the reasons why so many turn to side hustles as well as suggesting some to get you started.

Why Side Hustle?

A side hustle isn’t just a second job. It should be more than that. A side hustle should be an opportunity for you to monetise your skills, make money doing things you enjoy or better yourself through learning or even setting up the business which could be your passport to entrepreneurship. It might be something as simple as taking steps to monetise your blog or YouTube channel or something as transformative as pursuing an online BA in criminology. A side hustle should be your passport to a life beyond the drudgery of the 9 to 5 or at the very least an avenue through which you will right the ship of your finances.

Here are just a few side hustles which can be extremely lucrative…

Blog for Businesses

If you have a way with words and are able to convey information in an engaging yet informative manner, your skills are invaluable for small businesses looking to grow their brand through content marketing. By writing blog posts or social media content you will help these businesses to engage with their customers and build value into your brand. Sounds like fun? Get yourself on People Per Hour and show off your skills.

Get on Your Bike

Want to get in shape but have a habit of getting bored rigid at the gym? Why not make a little money by pumping those pedals by offering your services to a company like Postmates or Deliveroo? Delivering food or goods on your bike is a great way to get in shape while earning a little extra and if you prove adept at it, the tips can be very good.

Monetise Your Motor

Finally, if you’re a competent driver who’s good with people, you may want to join the legions of people who’ve joined Uber or Lyft to deliver taxi services to locals. Again, if you have great people skills and can drive quickly but safely, you can make good money and great tips.

Just be sure to stay hydrated and get the right nutrition to keep driver fatigue at bay.

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