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Getting Web Traffic, but No Leads?

Attracting lots of visitors to your website may seem like a success – but what if these visitors aren’t converting into paying customers? If you’re getting lots of web traffic, but no leads, it could be time to consider why people are visiting but not buying. Here are just a few solutions that could help turn your visitors into actual leads.

Improve Your Website Navigation

Your website needs to be easy to navigate – if consumers can’t find the information they need fast, they’ll look elsewhere. Information such as your contact details should be given pride of place if you want potential customers to get in touch. If you sell products through your website, you should also make sure that there’s an easy sign up and checkout process. Highlight call-to-action buttons by making them large and colourful and use convenient toolbars on each page. Widgets and plug-ins such as search bars could also be useful – you can find these at sites like

Display Credentials and Testimonials

If your website doesn’t instil trust in your visitors, you may also be losing potential customers. A good company website should offer evidence of credentials – this could include badges of qualifications you’ve achieved or even badges on awards you’ve won (this site offers more information on displaying badges). Testimonials from previous happy customers are also worth displaying on your site to prove that you’ve got a good track record of pleasing customers. Some companies create a testimonials page, whilst others may display these as quotes on a homepage. If you haven’t got any testimonials or qualifications to show off, start working on getting some. You can use customer feedback forms to encourage testimonials, whilst there are plenty of award shames and professional bodies out there that are worth applying for.

Optimise the Right Keywords

It’s possible that the visitors you’re attracting are arriving at your site via unrelated keywords. For example, if you sell wine glasses on your site, you may want to be careful of people arriving at your site searching for ‘glasses’ who are looking to buy spectacles. In order to help focus your keywords and get the right types of visitors, you may want to hire an SEO company from a site such as Such professionals will be able to help you optimise the right keywords. There are also keyword planning tools out there on the internet that can tell you the popularity of a specific keyword and the difficulty in climbing the search engines.

Increase Your Website Loading Speed

Visitors may be opening your site but swiftly leaving if your pages are loading too slowly. A website can load slowly for a number of reasons. One reason could be due to the type of content on your website – having too many ads, embedded videos or plug-ins per page could be making each page slower to load due to the amount of code. The problem could also be that you’re using a slow hosting service. Some cheap hosting services can result in slower speeds – upgrading to a fast hosting service such as could help your website to load faster.

Consider Hiring a Professional Web Designer

If you built your website yourself or got a friend to build it, consider whether your website may benefit from being re-designed by a professional. It’s easier than ever to build a website nowadays thanks to platforms like WordPress that are free and require no coding. However, such custom-built websites can risk looking amateurish or a little too generic. When you get a website designed from scratch by a professional, you know it’s going to look good and have a more individual feel. It could create a better impression on visitors by showing that you’re a professional company with a distinctive brand. A good web designer may also be able to sort out all the issues above. This guide offers some advice on what to look for when hiring a web designer.

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