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Here’s How You Help Your Employees Help Themselves

When you are at the point when you are able to bring on employees to your company, you know that you have finally made it. Your company will have grown significantly in size, and you will not be taking on so many projects and new work contracts, that you will need all those extra hands to help you out.

However, you might find that employees can come to quickly rely on you and expect you to spoon-feed them all kinds of advice, tips, and ideas. That won’t be any good for your company, though, and it certainly won’t do you any favors as it could end up being very time consuming. So, you need to do what you can to help your employees help themselves. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Ask for Feedback

Every single entrepreneur out there should always encourage their employees to give them feedback. This feedback can be on anything at all, from the way the company operates, to the firm’s office culture. It’s especially beneficial for new hires to give you onboarding feedback as this will let you know if there are any ways you can improve the onboarding process for newcomers to your business.

Offer Effective Training

It’s also necessary to provide your whole team with effective training that is relevant to the company and their specific job. In fact, it’s a good idea to offer some courses that cover points in the Lominger model to ensure that everyone working in the company is competent enough and able to handle their responsibilities. Make sure you provide regular training opportunities so that your workers’ skills and knowledge never decline. At the very minimum, you should offer everyone one yearly training course.

Give Them Enough Independence

If you don’t give your employees enough independence in the workplace, you could be at risk of micromanaging them. This can be very problematic for them and you. Firstly, micromanaging your team will reduce the amount of time you should be spending on your own tasks and responsibilities. As for your employees, they might think that you are watching them carefully because you don’t trust them. Not only will it result in them losing their trust in you, but it might also cause them to become even more dependent on you. As you can see, it can end up being a vicious cycle that you need to nip in the bud very quickly so that you and your employees can both benefit.

Create a Buddy System for New Hires

When you bring new recruits into your team, you might want to think about setting up a buddy service. For this, each recruit will be paired up with someone who has been working for you for a while. This gives them someone who they can go to whenever they have any questions or need some advice. Research shows that these schemes help workers settle into new roles very quickly indeed.

There are plenty of ways you can help your employees help themselves!

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