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How Influencers Make Money

You’re probably aware of influencers on some level. The growth in online business and social media celebrities means that anyone can become an influencer. People don’t have to be on tv or in movies to become well known. Anyone with an Instagram account can become an influencer. Primarily, they do this by building relationships with their audiences. They grow loyal readerships and make connections with the people that follow them. Influencers then use these relationships for their own gain. They are called influencers because they influence people. Someone sees their favorite insta star plugging a new restaurant, and they want to go too. These relationships can be powerful. While some influencers are enormous, and well-known stars across the globe, they might even have found fame via other avenues or carved out a business from their notoriety. But, others are relatively small. They have blogs, and social media feeds. Their fan base is small but loyal. And this loyalty and trust can be crucial when it comes to selling products and advertising companies.

It seems like everyone either wants to be or considers themselves an influencer. But, how do they make money? Is it worth getting involved?

They Work Hard

Some influencers focus on one platform, some want to influence in specific fields, perhaps as a LinkedIn Influencer, and others try to hit all areas. But, they all work hard.  Unless they are already well known, it’s never as simple as posting a couple of photos and raking in the cash.

Influencers work much harder to earn money. They have to become an expert in their field.

They have to learn about their audience, who they are, what they dislike and like, what they want from life, and they have to learn how to give them what they want online. They have to post exciting, entertaining content as often as possible. They need to be great photographers and even web designers. They must engage with their audience continually. Then, they have to pitch for work. The most well-known influencers with the most massive followings will receive offers to advertise big brands. The rest, won’t. For every paid job they get, they’ll be rejected or ignored for many more.

They Compete

With so many influencers out there, getting seen is hard and getting work is even harder. While you might be doing well one-week, countless new people will enter the market the next. In an ever-changing online world, influencers are always competing for the best jobs and the most followers.

They Work for Free

You might look at someone advertising a product on Instagram and think that they are being paid well and getting free stuff. It might seem like your dream world. But, for that one paid job, they might have put untold hours into their profiles, into building their audience and pitching for jobs. For every hour of paid work, there are countless unpaid.

A Variety of Income Streams

To make good money as an influencer, you need to have your finger in many pies. At least in the beginning. Influencers advertise they host sponsored content, they include affiliate links, they sell advertising space, and they write reviews. There are many different ways for an online influencer to make money and to do well, you could well need them all.

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