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How to Make Some Extra Cash Online

A couple of decades ago, or even a decade ago, having an online profession wasn’t really feasible. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are using the internet to add some extra cash (and a solid amount at that) to their budget; in fact, some have even turned online work into their real, full-time profession. Working online is a low-investment and an uncomplicated way of earning money. So, here are some ways to make some extra cash.


Do you want to know how to make money online by answering simple questions? Yeah, well, surveys can land you with an extra $250 per month from the comfort of your armchair. In fact, the vast majority of survey sites offer cash, gift vouchers, free products and prize drawings, which makes the entire experience fun. You can earn even as much as $150 per survey, which means a lot of money for little time investment and effort.

Look at it this way: you’re getting paid for your thoughts and opinions! Pretty cool, huh?


If you are an outgoing person who doesn’t mind talking to the mirror and has a touch of talent for acting, you could try becoming a YouTuber – I mean, the term is already considered a legitimate word by the Oxford English Dictionary, so it’s bound to hold some relevance in the modern world, right?

Well, the “magic” formula to being successful on YouTube is gathering enough audience around you and providing consistent content. Although gathering a solid audience takes equal bits of time, dedication and talent, the involved investment is really non-existent. I mean, yeah, sure, you’re going to have to get a solid webcam, a good mic and a pair of headphones, but these are all items that are useful past YouTube.

If you aren’t really capable of or down with turning this into your full-time career, you can always take it for a spin and see how much effort you need to put in so that being a YouTuber remains profitable.


Who would’ve guessed that writing would see a revival on the internet? In a world where screens have replaced books, writing careers have slowly moved into the online world. Of course, we’re talking about content writing here – a cool way of getting your written word out there, while being paid more than decent sums of money in return.

Here’s how it works: websites such as iWriter serve as platforms where the writers and the clients gather and make proposals to each other. And voila, the content writer is born; someone capable of writing in different writing styles on a variety of different subjects. Written content is extremely popular on business websites – it is one of the most important marketing tactics.


Blogging is much like doing YouTube, but for writers: provide consistent and quality content and gather a solid audience, and you will earn money. You can either focus on attracting like-minded people and write about a certain niche, or branch out and try and pitch your words to whoever finds your voice and thoughts valuable and interesting. Like a YouTuber, you rely on your following and get paid accordingly – the more popular the blog, the more advertising offers will come in. As a blogger, you are a traffic provider – it’s vital for your content and for the variety of ads seen on your blog.

Online Trading

Some say that cryptocurrencies are going to turn into the world’s main currency, while others claim they are just a fad; but one thing’s for certain: they are really hot right now! However lucrative the crypto deals might seem, they are extremely volatile – whatever investment you make, you better be prepared to lose it.

Gold and other precious metals, however, have a much more stable price and can be traded online, so if high-risk investment isn’t up your alley, consider a different object of trade.

Utilizing the internet to earn money is more than viable. Although no one can really guarantee that your online profession can become your bread and butter, it certainly brings a nice cherry to the top of your cash flow. Regardless of whether you opt for YouTube, writing, blogging, online trading or doing surveys, you can earn solid pocket money.

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