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You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Improve Office Productivity

You’re reading this because you either don’t have a very productive office, or you think you have one and are intrigued to know if it can be improved. Well, I’m here to tell you that improving your office productivity is so much easier than you think. People assume it takes time, and you need to completely change the way your office is set out, and so on. On the contrary, there are just a few key things you need to focus on.

Through studying office environments, I’ve concluded that employee performance is usually effected by these things; sound, temperature, and workstation comfort. There may be other things that factor in, but these are the main ones to zero in on and improve.

How do you do this? Here are some very simple solutions.

Dealing with the Temperature

An office that’s too cold will just lead to employees being distracted and uncomfortable as they work. The same goes for one that’s too hot. There are two main solutions; install an HVAC system to control the temperature, or address your windows. You can get things like tinted glass film for windows that helps regulate the temperature of a room. It prevents it from getting too hot, while also stopping heat from escaping when it’s too cold. Add to this some blinds to block out hot sunlight in the summer and trap in heat during the winter, and you’ve already improved the conditions in your office.

Dealing with Sound

Noisy offices are absolutely terrible to work in. Some people try and counter this by wearing headphones as they work, but this means they can’t hear anything when someone tries to talk to them. Realistically, all you need to do is soundproof your office as best as possible. There are things you can buy to fit around doors and block sound from entering through the gaps. Again, your windows play a huge role – make sure they’re nice and thick, or maybe even buy proper soundproof ones. All of this can be done over the weekend, and the impact is instant.

Dealing with Workstation Discomfort

Workstation discomfort refers to how your employees feel at their desk. Basically, they’re highly uncomfortable, usually because of the way they’re sitting. This can easily be rectified if you set up more ergonomic workstations. Improve the way people sit at their desks, and they’ll be far more comfortable. Also, have a relaxed policy to breaks – let people get up if they’re sore and walk around for ten minutes or stretch. It may feel like this leads to a lack of productivity, but the outcome if an office full of more relaxed people that are free from soreness and less distracted.

These three areas are all you need to focus on if you want a more productive office. You end up with a team of employees that are less distracted by things like the temperature, exterior noises, and their own aches and pains. As a result, your business gets more done, in less time.

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