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International Job Hunt: What to keep in Mind

A job hunt may be stressful enough, let alone searching for one in another country. It can even be exciting and challenging as many job seekers consider it an honor to be working abroad. Since the world is a global village now, your current job may even provide you an opportunity to work abroad. But before you decide to accept that offer you can’t refuse, take a long, hard and realistic look at the whole scenario. Do this especially if it’s your first job.

Leaving behind what you have

Moving is a big decision and involves opportunity costs. That includes living all alone in a new location. You might be living in your hometown at the moment; all of your family is here. Even if you live alone, you can still visit them on weekends to spend some quality time. You can go to places to hang out with, because you are accustomed to it. Will you be able to live without those weekend visits to your family’s place and survive on Skype calls? Make a schedule to stay in touch with friends and family, if you’re hell-bent on moving.

Managing expenses with Salary

Of course the difference in pay is a given, but will your salary compensate for your living expenses abroad? Exchange rates may be different causing you to pay more than what you do normally. You may be able to pay those utilities with online money services like transferwise. It’ll give you a realistic idea of what you paid in your own currency too.  You may even be able to continue supporting your parents their monthly utilities, too. Given that you have enough savings, that is.

Dealing effectively with Culture Shock

Moving involves easing into the new location, adapting to its culture and so on. You may be used to doing things differently in your hometown. Will you be able to adapt quickly enough to the culture? You know what you say can be a cause for concern or offense where you currently are. If you move abroad, that may change. Find out about the culture of the country where you’re planning to move.

Think about it, realistically!

Thinking Long-term

You may have a bright future planned for yourself in the years ahead. You may think of moving abroad because you want to start a new life there. Don’t act on impulse; it’s strongly ill-advised as you may have difficulty reversing your decision. Choose to act rationally, making your decision play an important role in how your life turn out.

Saving up

As soon as you start pondering whether to move or not, start saving up.  Keep a track of your monthly expenses and make sure to save up every cent you can. Avoid dining out and buying expensive stuff that you probably won’t use.

Don’t Sit Still

This is the absolute worst thing to do. Planning and executing a move while working is difficult, but many people do it. Continue to work in your country while building up on your repertoire for the move. This enables your CV to remain relevant and your skills remain fresh. If you’re banking, continue but alert your boss in advance that you’re planning on the move. Also, take advice from people that have gone through the same time that you have.