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Why Introduce a Company Uniform?

Been thinking of introducing a company uniform for you and your employees? Here are just a few benefits that a company uniform could potentially have.

Health and Safety

A uniform could be necessary as a matter of health and safety. In industries such as construction, items like work boots could help to prevent injuries. It is generally compulsory for employers to enforce such a uniform – other health and safety clothing could include hard hats, safety googles, high visibility jackets or gloves.

Easy Identification

Introducing a uniform could also make it easier for customers and members of the public to identify employees of your company. This could be important in trades like retail and hospitality, allowing customers to know who to ask for assistance if necessary. In companies with large workforces, it could even allow new recruits to easily identify team members.

Professional Image

You could find that a uniform also boosts your company’s professional image. The fact that you’re able to splash out on a uniform for your employees could show a level of financial success. It also shows commitment to your brand, which leads onto the next point…

Brand Awareness

An item such a printed branded t-shirt could be a chance to show off your logo and company name, helping to spread awareness of your brand. This could be useful for both gaining new customers and helping to solidify your brand amongst existing customers.

Staff Unity

Making everyone wear the same clothes could also help to bring a sense of unity and equality to the team. It could make it harder for employees to visually identify with a certain class or social group, which could make it easier for employees of all backgrounds to bond. This could result in better cooperation.

What About the Cons of a Company Uniform?

Whilst there are lots of pros to introducing a company uniforms, there are also a few cons to be wary of.

Employees for instance may see it as restrictive – possibly even a punishment. There may also be certain employees that feel a uniform goes against religious beliefs (such as not allowing a headscarf) or that it is sexist in some way (such as making women wear heels as part of a uniform). It’s therefore important to get everyone involved when coming up with ideas for a uniform so that you can design something that everyone is comfortable wearing.

Another condition of introducing a uniform is the cost. You need to be able to afford the design and manufacture. A small company this may not be so much of a challenge, but for a large company it could mean having to order a lot of uniforms. You need to make sure to budget for this beforehand.

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