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Keeping Your Team Safe and Sane in Summer

Summer’s getting closer and some of us are already feeling the heat. While kids and families are enjoying the sunshine, things can get a little loopy in the office. The heat and light can make days stretch out for longer while testing the resolve of even the most dedicated. So, here are a few housekeeping tips that can help you and your team stay safe and sane during the summer.

Get Vacation Notices in Advance

It’s only natural that your employees are starting to think about, or even talk about, what they plan on doing for summer vacation. An open, fair vacation policy is always a good idea, but now is the time to make it clear. Summer churn is a very real risk if employees don’t get the chance to take a break. Start talking about giving vacation notices early so you get an idea of who you’ll be missing all the sooner.

Get Ready for the Rush

You’re likely going to need to look at the possibility of seasonal hiring. Not only might you need contractors and short-term workers to fill some of the vacancies that vacations might open up, but plenty of businesses see a whole new rush of customers in the summer. This is true of restaurants and cafes, garden and home businesses, pool cleaning businesses and plenty of others. Know that the rush is coming and make sure you have the bolstered staff roster to handle it.

Keep Your Cool

Don’t forget to prepare the physical workspace for the heat, as well. Be open to having more meetings and breaks outdoors and encourage workers to get out of the heat. Make sure that your cooling systems are up to snuff with commercial AC repair. Clear away the clutter and make some room to keep the workplace less stuffy and turn off heat-generating objects that aren’t entirely necessary.

Be More Flexible

That heat can really bear down on the motivation of the team. On the hottest days, you can help them stay cool and stay productive by adopting a more flexible working policy. Remote working can allow them to stay at home and handle the summer heat on their own, instead of having everyone cooped up in an office that’s getting too hot to handle.

Take Some Time to Chill

You don’t want to deal with exhaustion and headaches during the summer. Nothing could be more miserable. Make sure that this is the period of the year where you’re able to switch off from work and relax a little more often. Stick more strictly to your working hours, encourage yourself and your team to turn off Slack, and enjoy the weather while you got it. This is the perfect time to remind yourself of the importance of work-life balance.

It’s a time of fun, celebration, and high-living, so don’t let summer become a slog for your business. Be ready for the heat, the rush of customers, and the needs of your team to make it all the easier to run through.

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