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How to Kit out Your Meeting Room for Success

The design of your meeting room isn’t just about aesthetics. In fact, a well-designed working space can make or break your business. The environment at work can influence your employee’s satisfaction, health, and overall productivity, so it’s vitality important.

Meeting room design can’t be an afterthought. So why do so few businesses actually invest in making their meetings rooms a place where people want to be? Maybe it’s because meeting rooms tend to be a little our of the way, or perhaps because most people don’t think much of meetings. Whatever the reason, we can turn this around. Here are three ways to kit out your meeting room for success.

The Walls

Are your meeting room walls drab and gray, or are they excessively vibrant? Either way, this could be causing problems for your staff. An uninspiring or clinical room can leave people to switch off. Whereas, an overly vibrant room can be too distracting. Some bright shades might even cause people to feel anxious. How can you strike a balance?

Think about the colors of your business or the values you want to put across. This is particularly important if the meeting room is also used for clients. If in doubt, warm neutral walls are always a good look. However, it’s not just the color of the walls that’s important. Add some pictures to create some visual interest and make your team feel more at home. You could also add some bookshelves, which can make the room feel more studious. If you really want to push the boat out, consider painting a chalkboard wall to write on, or installing a whiteboard. After all, why not make use of that extra space?

The Table

So many meeting rooms feature a long conference table, which is often the main feature of the room. But is this really the best way to get people talking and bouncing around ideas? Some businesses will find that a round table helps staff to feel more communicative and open to sharing. It can also help to demolish a sense of hierarchy. If you’re feeling particularly innovative, you could scrap the table altogether. Many companies are adopting standing meetings since it can make conversations quicker, more focused, and more creative. Why not give it a go? You could even try walking meetings, which are said to boost energy and creativity.


Uncomfortable plastic seats are a big distraction for many people. Meanwhile, sitting with a table in between you can create a barrier, which can mean a subconscious wall, too, making people less open and collaborative. Why not try more flexible seating options? Civic Australia Furniture has a good range of seating designed to encourage collaboration and creativity. You could also consider bean bags, armchairs, or sofas. It’s all about creating comfort and reducing barriers, while also giving a sense of uniqueness. This can help to bring people out of their shells, and will certainly make them feel better about being in the meeting room.

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