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The 5 Most Lucrative Career Changes to Consider in 2019

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to work. Deciding early on which career is right for you can be challenging, and having a change of mind, later on, can lead to complications. No matter your age or education level, never fall into the trap of thinking that you’re stuck forever in a job that you get no satisfaction from.

The modern age brings with it a wealth of learning opportunities, and finding ways to get a foot in the door in your new career path could be much easier than you think.

One of the challenges is knowing which careers are going to be in high demand in the future. There’s little worth in retraining only to find that technology has made your chosen career unnecessary. Here are the most promising career options for those that want to escape the job they struggle with and enjoy a more satisfying future.

Fitness Trainer

Everyone wants to be healthier, which is why the first career on this list is all about becoming a fitness trainer. The modern trend of seeking healthier lifestyles is not going to be going away anytime soon. If you are a fitness fanatic already then, you already have some of the skills needed to establish this as a viable and lucrative career option. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics puts demand for fitness trainers at a high rate, with an estimated growth of 8% by 2022. If you like motivating people, then you will need the following to pursue a career as a fitness trainer:

  • High school diploma
  • Real-world training
  • You will need to be physically fit
  • Certification training (usually determined by state and locale)

The estimated earnings of a fitness trainer can be as high as $38k per year, and with the growing demand for personal trainers, this could be the career change that provides you with much more satisfaction.

Financial Advisor

If you feel more comfortable poring over long columns of numbers, then becoming a financial advisor might be the career change you need. This is certainly a challenging career choice, and will definitely need a more formal education than other careers on this list. Your day will usually be focused on managing the accounts of clients, and making sure that they are getting the right financial advice on everything from future investments to insurance payments. If working with people all the time is something that you’re trying to avoid then this can be a good option, as it will require a lot of working alone. You will need:

  • A BA in Accounting or Finance
  • An MA will ensure that you can demand a higher wage, and make it easier to find employment
  • Patience
  • A love of numbers
  • Statistical analysis

There looks to be no tipping point when it comes to the growing demand for qualified financial advisors. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be a demand for up to 30% more qualified financial advisors by 2022, and the earning potential of around $90k could be all the encouragement you need to go back to education.

Healthcare Manager

If you’re looking for a career that is more morally rewarding, then you can’t go wrong with healthcare management. Not everyone is mentally equipped to become a doctor or nurse, but if you have a smart business mind and a calling to help those in need, then this could be the answer to your career questions. Healthcare managers can earn an estimated $96k per year, and with the right qualifications you can choose from a variety of roles. These include:

  • Hospital administration
  • Non-profit government relations manager
  • Corporate development associate
  • Strategic project manager

If you have an interest in healthcare management then you will need to make sure that you have the required qualifications. This is possible through Walsh University’s online Healthcare MBA program and there are good reasons for doing so. Not only is the demand for healthcare managers expected to grow by 17% by 2024, having a Masters in this field can boost your annual earnings by an additional 10%.

Market Research Analyst

There’s no disputing that the fastest growing tech demands are driving the future of employment. One of the most important technologies in the current business landscape is data. You would be hard pressed to have missed the myriad uses that data is being used by every business type. From retailers to construction companies, everyone is jumping on the data train and racing to get the most accurate analysis they can. Becoming a market research analyst will require some education and training. You will need:

  • A degree in marketing, statistics, computer science, or a related field
  • An MBA for those looking for higher than entry-level roles
  • Strong math skills
  • Good analysis
  • Public speaking skills
  • Familiarity with office suites and modern tech trends

This is a career that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends as one expected to have a high rate of growth over the next few years. With an average salary of $62k a year, it could be a career that suits the more analytical mind.

Environmental Engineering Technician

Any career that has a focus on improving the environment is going to be one that has a promising future. Green and sustainable careers are extremely popular, and becoming an Environmental Engineering Technician is ideal for those people with a hankering to save the world. This is not necessarily an easy career to get into, but the rewards can make it very worthwhile. Not only is there expected to be a growth rate of 10% by 2022, the average earnings can be as high as $88k, although this will depend on whether you land in a private or public sector position. This is a career change that will take some serious commitment though. You are going to need to dedicate a few years to your training, especially if your current education levels are either low or in the wrong field. You’re going to need:

  • An Accredited Degree
  • A Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering
  • State Licensure
  • Practical experience

These will get your foot in the door, but you will need to work in this field for a few years before you can become a trusted environment engineer.

Being trapped in the wrong job can be frustrating. If you are getting little to no satisfaction from your current work role, then have a look at some of the options available to you. There are a huge variety of employment prospects out there, and depending on your interests you could be following your dreams before you know it.

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