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Making Money from Your Man Cave

If you have an area of your humble abode that is strictly yours, and yours alone, without prying eyes or nosy family members encroaching on your personal space, it might be time to put it to good use. The chances are that you might use your man cave to watch TV, shoot some pool or play video games. But with a shed, room or cellar that is your private space, you could consider it a major part of any potential side hustle that you want to pursue. Take a look at these ideas to inspire a more profitable use of your man cave.


While all things crafty might seem a tad kitsch, there are plenty more masculine crafty activities that you might wish to partake in. Woodwork and metalwork are becoming more mainstream as people yearn for homemade and unique gifts, tools and utensils for the home. If you already have a workbench in your man cave, but you treat your handy skills as a hobby at the moment, consider making some money out of your creative talents. Heading to a site like means you can purchase the necessary tools and equipment needed to set up your metalwork or woodwork side hustle. You may choose to make bespoke wooden cutlery, fruit baskets or cool metal ornaments for the masses. Starting an artisan trade from your shed could see you giving up the full time job altogether if your enterprise ever took off.


If you have collected all sorts of junk and stuff over the years, you might be surprised to find out just how much this junk or stuff is worth. People love all things retro and vintage at the moment. Perhaps you have a collection of old Nintendo Gameboy games like the ones seen at Maybe you have a wall full of enamel signs from a whole host of oil companies. Or perhaps you have collected stamps, beer mats, magazines or die cast figures since you were tiny and you have them on display in your man cave. If you have something of note, it might be worth getting it valued. If you are something of an expert, you might want to continue collecting to add to your asset, or you could sell them at auction. Either way, you are making money.


If you are a dab hand with words and you know your comma from your colon, you might be keen to enter the big wide world of blogging. By creating affiliate links after generating a large readership, you could make a handsome little amount each week. Write about what you know, keep the content relevant and interesting, and ensure that you encourage your social media followers and friends to share what you have written. It won’t make you rich overnight, but a blog can be a fun way of generating a little bit of extra cash.

Your man cave should be your haven away from the stresses and strains of modern life. However, it should also be an area that you facilitate as part of your side hustle dreams. With any luck, you’ll soon see your man cave as more of a financial asset.

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