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Marketing Conversions: How To End Your Event With A Bang

The band is booked, the caterers are in the kitchen, and the guest list is packed. Nope, this isn’t a high society event – it’s your corporate shindig. Yep, the type of function where a company uses a party atmosphere to wine and dine clients and generate leads.

It’s a night when old-school meets new age and the marketing plan comes together in one fluid motion. And yet, events don’t always go smoothly. Sure, everything is perfect but clients and customers alike are shy with their checkbooks. They need something special, something spectacular to convince them to invest. Here’s what you can do.

Watch The Crowd

There should be hundreds of people in attendance, so watching every single person is impossible. Instead, keep an eye on the MVPs and analyze their body language. Are they happy? Maybe they are bored and are in need of a boost? If this is the case, be sure to walk straight over and start a conversation. Connecting with a person on a topic, such as golf or making money, is enough to get a person to invest in the night. Once they are invested in the event, they are more likely to splash the cash. Look out for the atmosphere turning, too. When everyone seems bored, scrap the schedule and bring out the big guns.

Give a Speech

Winston Churchill used orating to help win the Second World War. Okay, your situation is nothing like his, but it goes to show how useful words are when used correctly. You’re not looking to boost morale or anything like at a function; you want to showcase your talents. In a speech, be sure to make people laugh with genuine jokes, none of the namby-pamby brown nosing that goes on all of the time. Also, highlight where you’ve been, how you got there, and where you plan to finish. Hear, hear!

Create a Spectacle

As novel as it seems, and it is, a firework show can add the cherry to the top of the icing that is on the cake. People love fireworks because they are exciting and beautiful, but they showcase a lot more too. Clients see a business that is willing to go the extra mile to please their partners, for example. They may also notice a firm that is hard working, organized and smart. If you have no clue where to buy them, you can find fireworks here or go to the local Walmart. Please be careful and handle them sensibly. Always keep them well away from the audience.

Extend an Invite

Calls to action are the way the online community makes conversions, and an event is no different. Letting them walk away without putting thoughts or ideas into their minds is criminal. Therefore, ensure that you offer them value which they will have to consider. Great hosts extend an invite by saying something like, “use our free trial for one month and quit with no extra charges if you aren’t convinced.” This gets people used to the platform and increases the likelihood of them maintaining a membership.

When push comes to shove, how do you get clients on the hook and reel them ashore?


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