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Pimp Your Entryway: Increasing Curb Appeal

When you buy your first home you will have this incredible urge to make changes and mould it into something of your own. Every wall will feel like a blank canvas you need to fill and every nook and cranny will turn into a project for you to do. But one place which is often overlooked is our entryway. The front garden and doorway of the house is a hugely important thing and it can have a huge impact on how people see the home, and here are some ways to pimp it up and make a statement this year.

Make It Grand

If you want to really make an impression on the street you’ll want to create a grand entryway to the home from outside. You can do this but either building a metal canopy and hanging flowers over it, or you could build pillars next to the door and have an archway leading to the home. Either way, this will impress and everyone on your street will soon want one of their own!

Add Some Colour

Colour is always a big influence on the way we see houses and buildings. Look at Balamory for example, every house on that street is a different colour and it makes the road feel alive and characterful, and you can do the same with your home. Why settle for plain brick when you can paint the house a bright colour and make it shine?

Clean the Driveway

When you walk in and out of the house every day it is unlikely that you really look down and take stock of the driveway, but others will do as they pass you home and they might have an opinion or two about your house because of it. The best way to keep the driveway clean is to get rid of weeds and clean it with a pressure washer to get rid of mould and mud. The difference will be immense and it really will make you feel like your home is brand new.

Keep the Garden Tidy

The front garden, if you have one, is of course going to be a big part of the home and this is where you can get a little bit creative with colour and shapes. For example you can add a few large shrubs which flower through summer, a few little bulbs which will flower during winter and spring and then some colourful foliage which will turn red in the autumn. The front garden can be kept pretty simple and if you can keep it tidy it will make your home look stunning.

Add Some Decoration

Decorations don’t have to be just for the festive season, and there are lots of different types of decoration you can add to the front of the home to make it look and feel new. This can be things like window plant troughs, hanging baskets, lights etc… and these can all make a big difference to the front of the home.

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