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How To Prepare For Outsourcing In Your Business

When it comes to running a business, you’re going to have a really hard time with things if you’re not able to admit that you’re not capable of doing every single thing in your business that needs to be done. It’s simply not realistic to imagine that you’re going to be good at everything, so admitting this and being able to ask for help and allow yourself to focus only on the things you’re good at is really going to help you in the long run – especially if you don’t want your business to end up running you instead of you running your business, so in this post we’re going to share with you some of our top tips for how to prepare for outsourcing in your business.

Make a List

The very first step to outsourcing in your busines is to basically know what it is you have to outsource in the first place, so you should make a list of all the tasks you have to carry out in your business on a daily basis and then make another list of all the things on that first list that you really don’t want to do or that aren’t really within your zone of genius.

This will help you get a full and clear picture of what exactly it is you no longer want to be doing in your business and where your time is best spent on the tasks that are actually going to move your business forward. The thing is, most of the things you’re doing in your business are probably necessary, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessary for you to be doing them, so whilst you may need to be doing marketing and even IT on a daily or weekly basis, you can find copywriters or even IT companies like who will be able to do these tasks a lot quicker and more cost effectively than you’ll be able to.

Set up Your Systems

If you haven’t already set up systems in your business based around the tasks you’re doing, then now is the time to set those up and start getting a bit of structure into your business, so even if it’s just that you’re getting an onboarding system in place to help the person or people you bring on, this will save you and them a lot of time from emailing back and forth and from leaving them wondering what it is you actually want them to do.

Look Around for People

The most important part of outsourcing is finding the right people, and like most things this isn’t going to be a perfect process, and often isn’t easy or quick, but taking the time to do it properly will really make a big difference in your business when you know that you feel comfortable with the people who you’re hiring to work with you.

Do a Trial Run

Part of the process of learning how to trust people in your business and see how you work together is to do a trial run with those who you hire. This gives you both a chance to see if this is something you’d like to keep going with, so even a two week trial should be enough to help you see what your new assistant is able to manage within your business.

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