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Putting Together a Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness is essential when it comes to a business being able to sustain itself in the long haul. However what exactly does this type of wellness entail?

It counts for the overall health and wellbeing of every single employee that works for a company. This is necessary as if the employees are not in good health then the business will definitely suffer, and no one wants that.

Though it is inevitable that illnesses will happen, and this especially the larger the business is, it can be countered. This can be done through not only focusing on preventive measures when it comes to health, such as providing prepackaged prescription medication, but also implementing them.

Why You Need to Focus on Sickness Absence Management

Implementing sickness absence management into the day-to-day routine of your businesses activities can help reduce the number of employees you have phoning in sick every month.

Don’t feel that this applies to you? Think again. The latest CIPD Absence Management survey has shown us that every employee takes 7.7 days off on average from work ill. These are shocking statistics and should not be overlooked.

What is even more shocking is the fact that the respondents from the survey reported that there is a two-fifth increase of people suffering from mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety within the last 12 months. This says a lot for the environments that they are working in and clearly shows that their health and well being are not being put first.

However with an absence management program this can all be handled and improved. You need to ensure that you choose a cost-effective one however, which will communicate excellently with not only your management team, but also your employees, as this is how you will see the best results possible.

What Is Included in Sickness Absence Management Programs?

Depending on which company you choose, the sickness absence management program will alter slightly. However the one you seek out should have the following steps – telephone triage, functional assessment, and return to work. They all may not be needed for your particular circumstances, but having them included is essential, as you never know what may happen.

Take for example the return to work program, the health care company will work with your employees that are currently off on the sick, and aim to get them back into work on a timely matter. They will do this by providing the employee with certain therapies that may be beneficial to them, after they have been assessed of course. These can range from the employee seeing a nurse, occupational health therapist, counsellor, physiotherapist or a physician.

As you can see from the list, there isn’t much that is not provided, and your employee’s health issues should be addressed, saving your business time and money. The functional assessment step will also be of use to anyone who’s business requires their soon to be staff to have a medical exam, before they are able to hire them.

Not only should the employees be helped as much as they need, but they should be also educated on how to prevent themselves from being injured again, or at all.

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