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Safety in the Warehouse: Major Concerns

If your business has a warehouse, you need to make sure it is being run as well as possible. It is, after all, central to the success of your business. A major part of that is keeping it safe, which not only helps the production process along, but is also the kind of thing that you absolutely have a duty to ensure. But how do you make sure you are doing that?

In this article, we are going to look at some of the major concerns when it comes to keeping the warehouse as safe as possible.


One of the worst disasters that can befall anywhere is for a fire to break out. Even a small fire can be hugely damaging, and it is clearly important that you do whatever is in your power to keep such an occurrence at bay as much as possible. That starts in the very design of the warehouse: looking at something like should show you what kind of early solutions you might want to incorporate into your warehouse design. It’s also important to keep the warehouse stocked with fire extinguishers and so on too – and to have a clear routine in place if a fire should break out.

Slips, Trips, Falls

The most common kinds of accidents in the workplace are slips, trips and falls, and these are also especially common in the warehouse itself. Anything you can do to protect against such instances is going to be worth your while. Firstly, be sure to keep the floor clear at all times, and to make sure that your staff know the importance of that. Then look into whether you need to have a cordoned-off area, especially if there is one part of the warehouse being used for chemicals and such. Finally, encourage your staff not to run under any circumstances.

Injury from Machinery

What with all of the machinery that a typical warehouse has, you obviously expect there to be the occasional accident regarding those machines. These can be gruesome, even deadly, so anything you can do to stop them happening is going to be a very good idea indeed. First of all, be sure to train people fully in all the equipment they have to use. But also ensure that the machinery itself is kept up to date and that it is kept in good repair. Faulty machinery is the cause of many accidents, and it’s the kind of liability you don’t want to have on your own shoulders.

Head Injuries

Because there are so many heavy things being stored all over the place, it is common enough for workers in the warehouse to experience head injuries from things falling on top of them. This is incredibly dangerous, and you need to do whatever you can ot stop it from happening. In particular make it clear that you will not abide by people putting heavy items on high shelves. Keeping some common sense here is absolutely going to be essential. For more, see

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