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Savvy Saving Whilst Living Abroad

Plenty of people assume that living abroad is a costly way of life. The reality is that living in the UK is very expensive especially if you live in London and in the South of the UK. The cost of rents and housing as well as basic necessities in the UK are far higher than in most countries. When you go on holiday you are effectively still paying your mortgage or rent as well as your holiday accommodation. Freelancers that make their living abroad only ever pay once for their accommodation. Here are a few tricks that savvy freelancers know to keep down the costs and save whilst living the dream.

Tip #1: Head To Cheap Countries

The world is your oyster when you are your own boss. All you need to work is an internet connection. Many freelancers head to the “Mecca” of the Far East. Countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are a thriving hot spot for Western freelancers. Rents are as little as $200 per month. A delicious lunch is just $1 to $2. You can live very well in the Far East for $1000 per month allowing most freelancers to save.

Tip #2: Negotiation

When you head to a new country it is best to book some accommodation online first. Once you are there however get out and about and speak to fellow freelancers or locals. They will be able to help you get great deals on local accommodation which will get you more bang for your bucks.

Tip #3: Cheap Flights

Whilst most people in the UK are restrained by when they can book their holidays and can get time off work, that is not the case for freelance workers. Take advantage of last minute cheap flights that are out of season which can be a fraction of what other holiday makers pay.

Tip #4: Budget & Save

Have a budget. It can be easy to get carried away with new places and experiences. Work out how much you are earning and what you want to spend and stick to it. With saving comes peace of mind and future stability.