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How Traffic School Can Save You Major Money

Sweep the spider webs from your savings account. You might have forgotten that it even existed. Making monthly payments will drain any savings. But, thanks to traffic school, you can start throwing some major cash in your savings account – where it belongs.

By enrolling in traffic school, you can start saving money. Little do people know, this will help you save some money in the short term, under certain circumstances, and big money in the long run. Sure, this might seem like a magic spell that will grant you money. It’s not that, but kind of close to it. Most people wouldn’t think of traffic school as a money saver but passing an accredited program will help you save. Here’s how it works.

Short Term Saving Advantage

Let’s cover the short term money advantages of California traffic school. If you were caught committing a moving violation, you were probably slapped with a hefty ticket fine. You’ll have to pay every cent on that ticket. To help add up the costs, you might be subjected to court fees and other payments.

Even the smallest speeding ticket can snowball into a costly expense, even more than learning how to fight a traffic ticket in California.

Instead of paying the full price for a moving violation ticket, you can pay a reduced fine after you complete a defensive driving course. If you were traveling 30 MPH over the speed limit, you’re not eligible to enroll in traffic school to reduce the ticket fine, unfortunately.

After you receive a ticket, contact your court clerk to see if you’re eligible to reduce the price of your ticket with traffic school. You might be able to pay for the traffic school with the money you save.

Long Term Savings

Enrolling in traffic school will save you major money because insurance companies will reward you with low monthly payments. Certain insurance companies reduce the annual insurance premiums when you pass an accredited defensive driving course. You might be thinking this is too good to be true. Traffic school is a low-cost way that will save you major money in the long run. In fact, traffic school can pay for itself.

Here’s how this quick fix money saving plan works.

When you commit a moving violation, you receive “points” against your driver’s record. The points negatively affect your driving reputation. When you earn enough points, you will be subjected to license suspension, revocation, and greater fine payments. The other bad thing about having points is insurance companies will charge you more for their coverage. You’ll be considered a high risk driver. This means you’ll be at a greater risk of an accident, or other reckless activity.

Insurance companies don’t like high risk drivers. That’s why they are charged a higher insurance rate premium than a low risk driver.

Enrolling in traffic school reduces points from your record.

This is because the DMV recognizes you as a practicing defensive driver when you pass a defensive driving course from an accredited traffic school. When you are a safe driver, you aren’t subjected to the repercussions of a reckless driver. The DMV and insurance companies want to keep the roads safe.

If you have outrageous insurance payments, get in contact with your insurance provider and ask about their traffic school reduction policy. Doing this simple task saves you major money over time. You can finally start saving money in your bank account instead of dust.

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