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What the UK Tutoring Businesses Can Learn from Singapore’s Approach

Maybe it’s because of my background in the finance industry, but I thoroughly understand the value of a good mathematics grounding in childhood. Unfortunately, I recently read of reports that suggest children in the UK are struggling to grasp mathematical concepts meaning British children are drastically falling behind their Asian counterparts.

This has led to an influx of companies and individuals setting up their own math’s clubs and franchises, to combat the lack of mathematical knowledge these children seem to be missing. However, they still don’t seem to appear to have discovered the solution, yet.

This post should help those who plan to start a tutoring business and is eager to learn from other people’s experiences.

What We Can Learn from Singapore’s Approach

No one can deny that Singapore is miles ahead of the UK with their mathematical teaching. Well known for their standards in the subject, they leave many countries in the shadows, with their mathematical ability rankings as some of the highest in the world. So, apart from their teaching methods, what else can the Singapore math’s route teach the UK and indeed those other countries who fail to meet the basic requirements.

Singapore Parents Highly Rate Tutoring

Perhaps a stark contrast to the UK is Singapore’s extensive use of providing additional math’s training to children, with a paid tutor. With their math’s curriculum demanding an extensive mathematical knowledge, vast numbers of parents are turning to the services of maths tuition in Singapore to provide their child with the additional knowledge needed to succeed in this often-complex subject.

Singapore Leads the Way For its Tuition Services

The Singapore math’s curriculum knows no bounds and has once again recently been revised to increase student’s breadth and depth of mathematical knowledge! Whilst it’s not uncommon for Asian parents to employ tutors to help their child in math’s in general, there is a strong influx of parents now seeking further help to coincide with the change in curriculum.

Currently, the UK ‘s most prolific mathematical programme is from Kumon. However, with that all too familiar emphasis on memorization, rather than mathematical concepts, now may be the time for the British education system to acknowledge both the National Curriculum and teachings of Singapore’s extensive tuition industry to learn how math’s is really done – before they fall any further behind their Asian counterparts.