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3 Unusual Business Ideas You’ve Probably Never Thought About Before

I’m sure you’ve thought of loads of business ideas and probably seen a few online as well. Most of the time, these ideas are all pretty much the same. So, how about I show you a few unusual business ideas that you’re probably never thought about before?

A Cat Cafe

Who doesn’t like cats? Weirdos, that’s who! Everyone enjoys sitting down and stroking a cat as it purrs away peacefully, it’s ever so relaxing. This has created a whole new type of business that’s taking the world by storm; cat cafes. The concept is simple; you open a cafe with lots of cats that live there, and people pay to come and pet the cats, while also having something to eat or drink. It’s arguably more profitable than opening a regular cafe as you have an excuse to charge people just to enter the cafe. Yes, this is normally done to cover the costs of looking after the cats, but you should still make a profit from this alone. Then, factor in the drinks and food, and you’ll soon make a lot of money. Plus, you don’t need to hire as many employees as a regular cafe because you can restrict the number of people allowed in at one time. This also makes the cafe much easier to manage without being overrun.

A Beauty Salon

I think it’s very normal for guys to think about business ideas for other guys. As such, we forget about 50% of the market! I know you’ve all probably never thought about opening a beauty salon, but it’s genuinely a very profitable idea. As you can see from this guide to cashflow projections for beauticians, it’s very possible to make a lot of money while limiting your expenses. This type of idea is also great if you’re looking for a business that can grow with age. The longer you run your beauty salon, the more money you can make, which enables you to branch out and possibly open more salons in different locations to increase your income. You don’t even need to be a beauty expert, just hire people who are! This way, you can tap into an industry that’s worth $445 billion – yes, you read that right.

A Sneaker Cleaning Service

If there’s one thing you can guarantee in life, it’s that people will get their sneakers dirty. Furthermore, they’re often too afraid to try and clean them in fear of ruining the material and making the sneaker unwearable. This is where a sneaker cleaning service comes into play. It’s a strange business idea, but it will almost certainly work. The idea is that you offer a service where you take people’s sneakers and make them brand new again. You clean them using proper techniques to maintain the material and get rid of any stains. It stops people from taking a risk and trying to clean them themselves, which means you can make a whole lot of money! Plus, it’s a mobile business, which means it’s even more popular as you make things more convenient for the consumer.

These ideas may seem unusual at first, but the more you think about them, the more you realize they’re genius ideas that can generate profits for fun.

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