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Not of the Usual Crop! Other Farming Business Ideas

As a gateway into a profitable business venture, the agricultural farming industry provides many entry points. If you are attracted to the more unusual business ideas, but you still want to work within the confines of farming, there are more options than you think! So, let’s have a look at some alternative farming business ideas.

The Tourism Sector

Many farmers are now having to diversify their business, even the standard beef and sheep farmers are now welcoming people on site and are giving guided tours. There are quite a few petting farms in the world that highlight this example, but now, because there are so many farmers financially struggling, they have no choice but to diversify into this venture.

Storage Resources

The fact is, this is something that we can all take advantage of when going into the agricultural industry. Farmers are looking for ways to increase their storage capacity, they need access to new storage resources. whether they are looking for the best hay storage buildings, or somewhere to house their new chickens, the question of space and storage is something that inevitably crops up now and again.

The Creative Industries

You don’t tend to think of the creative industries and farming as going hand in hand, but with any business, the right marketing and content is gold dust. While there are various podcasts out there in relation to agriculture, writing about farming, and providing unique insights can be a very niche business idea. There are agricultural specialists working for newspaper firms, but as the move from print to digital is fully in place now, there is certainly an opportunity for burgeoning suppliers of agricultural content writers to make their mark.

Agricultural Advice

Following on from the creative approach, by providing various information about products to aspiring farmers and entrepreneurs, this can be a very diverse market. From blogs to videos, as well as face-to-face advice, there is no limit to the possibilities of providing the right sort of advice. The great thing about this approach to providing information is that there is very little needed in terms of upfront capital.

Farming Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most lucrative markets in general, but if you are looking for a unique way to provide real estate to customers, doing it in a rural setting may prove to be that lucrative entryway. In addition to this, it’s not just the land that you could deal with, but equipment, tools, as well as vehicles that you could provide to budding farmers.

These are a few options in the farming industry. But for those on the outside looking in, the farming industry and agriculture, in general, can appear to be quite a one-trick pony. In actual fact, with the rise of machine learning and automation having its impact on the farming industry, there is no telling how far you can push this industry. When you are looking for an entry point into the farming industry, you don’t need to just think about the most straightforward approaches.

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