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Four Ways to Increase Engagement Rates Through On-Site Content

Your company’s website isn’t just the place where those familiar with your brand, product or service visit to engage with you. Rather, it’s a site where you’re able to host a wide variety of content that’ll draw internet users onto your website, increasing the gravitational pull of your URL as a whole. On-site content, which can come in a wide variety of forms, is one of the easiest ways to increase your engagement rates. You simply place additional content on your own site and watch your traffic increase. Here’s four ways that on-site content will draw in valuable extra clicks.


An active blog should be seen as a staple for many web pages as it kills several birds with one stone. First and foremost, regular posts show that your company is very much active and ready to trade. Secondly, it’ll give trusted and reliable information to your site visitors, usually connected in some way to the work that your brand is involved with. Finally, you’ll be able to title your articles to match up with popular Google searches. An example of a sunglasses company being – “What Sunglasses Look Best On My Face?”

Keywords and Phrases

The title mentioned above is an example of the use of keywords and phrases, and it’s one of the most ingenious ways of drawing extra traffic to your site. It is an area where companies such as Eventige are absolutely indispensable; they’ll show you the words and phrases that you’ll be able to include on your written web content to draw more and more traffic to your site through SEO solutions boosting your site in Google’s rankings. It’s savvy and sophisticated on-site content creation and should be a central part of your strategy to increase engagement rates.


On-site content doesn’t need to only be in the form of the written word. With a variety of content hosted on a blog or elsewhere, you’ll improve engagement rates by offering multimedia options for visitors to view. A handy infographic, some relevant photographs, an introductory video, or even audio additions will provoke interest while also finding their way into search engines’ results when web users search for material relating to your business. Content variety will also make your website more professional and alluring, which are both key influencers when it comes to consumer trust and their follow-through rate.


A final tip for on-site content is to latch onto current trends to generate additional traffic. News stories, celebrity gossip, sporting results and anything else in the public eye can be used to increase engagement rates. With a savvy knowledge of PR and an ability to think quickly and creatively about how you can use trading topics, you can draw readers, watchers, and surfers to your site. Viral marketing campaigns happen often and are incredibly beneficial for your brand exposure and image, so having a trend-conscious media team might help you hit the big time too.

On-site content is a fabulously concrete way of drawing additional traffic to your site, so use the tips outlined above to help you increase your engagement rates.

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