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Creative Ways to Make Extra Money While Farming

A farmer’s life isn’t for the faint of heart. While many imagine farming to be relaxing, anyone with a farming business knows better. Working non-stop for little money does take its toll, even when you’re surrounded by wildlife and countryside.

The life of a farmer isn’t ideal, but very few would consider giving it up. All they really want is a little extra income for their work. The good news is, there are ways to make this happen. Here are six creative ideas to earn extra money in farming.

Make a Campsite Area

While tropical beaches are popular, many families would rather get back to nature on vacation. Keeping that in mind, a campsite could be a real money-spinner for your farm. If you have an empty field, you could make a campsite area with it. All you would need to do is construct a toilet and shower unit for the campers. Depending on space, you could have pitches for caravans too.

Hire out Fishing Lakes

Many farmers aren’t lucky enough to own a fishing lake. However, if you’re one of the few that do, then you should take advantage of it. Rather than keeping the lake to yourself, you must allow others a chance to fish. Whether you have a catch and release lake or a fish and pay, this could be highly profitable. Renting out rods and reels and selling bait would make even more money.

Sell Hay Bales Online

Most farms grow hay, whether intentionally or not. If your animals aren’t consuming all the hay you produce, then you should sell any spare hay bales online. Depending on how much you grow, this could generate a reasonable profit. There are many other farming by-products that you could sell, including manure, feathers, and seeds. Nearly everything you produce can be sold on.

Open for Private Events

The day you get married should be special. Because of this, it’s no surprise that more couples are looking for unique venues to host their wedding. Among the most wacky and wonderful are farms. If you have a spare barn, it could serve as a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony. However much you’re involved in the process, you must have bathrooms available for guests.

Provide a Storage Space

That spare barn has many uses other than weddings. If you don’t want large parties of guests wandering around your land, then you could offer the space for storage instead. Many urban areas have restrictions on what vehicles homeowners can park on their premises. By offering your barn as storage, you allow people to keep hold of their motorhomes, trailers, and boats.

Write About Your Farm

Farming isn’t as easy as most people imagine. To help newbies avoid making mistakes, you could write about the pitfalls they have to avoid, as well as any advice they should know. Starting a blog is relatively easy and can provide a regular income. Although it takes time to grow a loyal audience, once you have readers hooked, there are many ways to make money.

Being a farmer isn’t always profitable, but with the advice above, you can make extra money.

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