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5 Ways to Prevent Your Business from Losing Money

Making money is the sole purpose of a business, so if profits start slowing down or even stop completely it’s going to be a stressful time for you as the owner. Thankfully there are things you can do to help reverse this or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Use Accounting Software

Keeping track of the daily runnings of your business helps you to spot any issues early. For example, if you notice a fast decline in profits, you can work out the cause and put it right- rather than waiting for the monthly or quarterly figures. Accounting software ensures all of your figures are accurate and enables you to see exactly what’s going on at a glance. It really helps to put you in control when it comes to your businesses finances.

Hire an Accountant

Using accounting software is the first step, but chances are you’ll need an accountant too. When it comes to tax return time for example things can get a little complicated, unless you’re experienced then it’s best to leave it to a professional. If you’ve been using accounting software throughout the year, everything will be in order and it will be quicker for them (and therefore cheaper for you) to complete. Get your taxes wrong and you can end up with penalties and fines from the government, seriously bad news for your companies finances- and reputation.

Avoid Fraud

There are a number of ways fraud can affect your business. First, if you hire out any kind of equipmnent or lend money, fraudulent customers can steal right from under your nose without you being able to find out who they are for legal proceedings. Another way businesses can suffer is at the hands of their own employees. From skimming accounts to stealing money or equipment or even running entire criminal enterprises using your legitimate company as cover- it’s something to be aware of. Use proper ID checks for customers, and sites like to find staff. Run thorough background checks on anyone you bring into your business, and set up anonymous reporting so other staff members can alert you if something seems suspicious.

Prevent Physical Theft

If you run a shop or other business where customers physically come to you, then you need to be aware of theft. Proper security tagging, cameras and maybe even a security guard could be the way to go. For any business, using lockable window shutters will help to keep criminals from getting at your assets.

Get Insured

Finally, if the worst were to happen and you lose money in your business, you need to know you have a backup plan. Insurance can protect you if a claim is made against your company, whether that’s for legal proceedings or theft. Do your research, take out policies that you might need one day. Hopefully you never do, but it’s important to have them just in case, no one can predict the future or knows what will happen.

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