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Make Your Brand Pop on Social Media

Social media is a jungle of businesses all vying for attention, and if you don’t approach your accounts correctly, you could end up being lost in the undergrowth. Before you commit your business to the realms of social media, know exactly what you need to do to make your brand stand out from all the rest.

Have a brand theme

A theme allows your brand to be instantly recognisable, and creates continuity between your business web pages, and your social media accounts. A theme is created using a selection of colors. The trick is to use colours that are associated with elements of your business. For example, if you are a travel business, you may want to use blues, and yellows which will encourage thoughts of beach holidays and sunshine. You should aim for three central colors and secondary hues related to the central color palette.

Use Top Quality Images

When selecting images for your site, make sure they have been edited to the correct proportions and check how they look both on a PC and on a mobile ‘phone. An image may look amazing when you first select it, but when it is placed on your page it may be pixelated or unclear in its setting. Use the best professional images possible and then edit them accordingly.

Use Slideshows

Slideshows are perfect for presenting a lot of visual information in an organised manner. Slideshows can be used for tutorials or to show several different vies and uses of a certain product. Using images in this way is so much more appealing to visitors to your page as they have instant information without having to read through masses of content. Social media apps such as Instagram have devised a way for you to create slideshows easily, meaning you can update your social media with slideshows while you are on the move. To find out How To Make A Slideshow on Iphone, follow the online tutorial.

Converse with Your Followers

Modern technology is allowing brands to use traditional business techniques to attract customers. Traditionally, business owners would speak one-on-one with customers, giving more personal approach to a business. Today, this can be achieved by personally replying to comments and reviews left by users on social media. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with customers directly by responding as soon as possible to these posts. By publicly responding, others will see that you have a genuine interest in what your customers have to say, and they will appreciate this personal touch.

Use Videos

Vlogging is an ever-popular form of spreading information and allows customers to see the human side of your brand. Aim to do a weekly vlog about your products, or even about news stories that relate to your business. Live videos are also a fantastic way to interact with your social media followers, and allow existing and potential customers to ask questions directly. Be careful not to react negatively to any controversial questions that may be put to you, but also be honest in your approach so viewers feel you are being sincere.

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