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Hate Your Job? What’s Stopping You from Getting a New One?

Every morning you dread going to work and yet you continue to clock in each morning. What’s stopping you from finding another job? Here are some common excuses used by people that hate their job but continue to slave away. Needless to say, they’re all bad excuses, as you’ll find out why below.

‘Things Will Get Better’

Optimism has its flaws. If the majority of your time at your current job has been demotivating and miserable, chances are that things won’t improve. Every extra day you spend waiting for things to improve could be an extra day wasted that could have been spent doing a job you enjoy.

‘I Don’t Want to Leave Because the Pay Is Good’

Having a good income can allow you to be a bigger spender and enjoy greater luxuries in your life, however no income is worth spending most of your life doing something you don’t enjoy. A stressful or dull job could be taking its toll on your personal life and your wellbeing – even if you have to get a job with a lower income and cut your expenditure, it could be worth the improved mental and physical health that a good job can bring you.

‘I’ll Lose Certain Benefits by Leaving’

Your job may come with incentives such as a company car, work phone, employee discounts or even free private healthcare. Whilst these can all seem like good incentives to stay, you need to prioritise your overall happiness. As with sacrificing good pay, the negative effects that a bad job can have on your mental and physical health aren’t worth the small added perks.

‘I’ve Worked so Hard to Get This Job’

You may have gone through education, tough interviews and intensive training to get this job, and you may be continuing to pour energy into it each day, but if you’re getting nothing out of it, this is all just energy that you’re continue to throw at your unhappiness. Switching careers can be tough when you’ve spent so long following one career path and it could involve an equal amount of effort to make the switch, but the reward of an easier and more fulfilling life will be worth it. You could even have transferable skills that make it easier to switch job than you perhaps realise.

‘My Contract Doesn’t Allow Me to Get a New Job’

No contract can legally imprison you in a job – if you’d had enough, you have the right to walk out the door and never return. You also don’t have to abide by a restrictive covenant – contracts that claim you can’t leave and then work for a rival company can usually be argued against in court. Many employers throw this out as a threat, but it’s very difficult to truly stop someone from working at another company if they have their mind set on it.

‘There Aren’t Any Good Jobs out There’

If you’ve endured a long history of gruelling jobs, you may have reached a point where you believe no other career could possibly be any more enjoyable. This is nonsense – the grass can sometimes be greener on the other side and you may have just a had an unfortunate run of careers. In order to help find your calling, it could be worth talking to a job advisor. There’s a job out there for everyone – whether you’ve had enough of computer screens, physical work, commuting, early mornings or even other people, there’s a certain to be a role that can help you avoid the things you hate.

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