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  • Jun. 22
  • Richard Parker

How to Ace Your Job Interview

The unpredictability of job interviews makes even the most qualified of candidates feel a few jitters. The key to acing your job interview is to leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. You could be the most qualified candidate but you won’t get the call if you have a lacklustre performance during your interviews.

While your academic qualifications and experience still count, interviewers look beyond that and want an all-rounded person when searching for a suitable candidate to join their company. As such, you must exhibit soft skills such as confidence and ability to communicate eloquently and clearly.

Here are tips on how to ace your job interview.

Prepare Well

Interview preparation is more than memorizing the answers to the most common interview questions. You should be able to answer questions depending on the context they are asked rather than blurting our memorized answers. You will definitely not get the job if you ask the interview panel what the company does, so do your homework about the company.

You need to know at least the core business of the company and the management team. This is information you can easily find on the company website and other news sources. Additionally, you can find information on what to expect for your interview on company review sites and from your professional networks.

While at it, know the Oil And Gas Paralegal Salary if that’s the position you are interviewing for. You should be prepared to negotiate your salary during your interview.

Dress to Impress

Whether you like it or not, people judge you by the way you dress and the interviewing panel are no exception. Your dressing is part of the impression you need to make on the interviewers and you need to get it right.

You need to know the company culture so as to dress appropriately. Not every company is requires their employees to be formally dressed and you might be overdressed if you show up in a black suit and tie for an interview with a company that has a liberal culture and everyone dresses casually. Similarly, you will be inappropriately dressed if you shop up in a pair of jeans where the culture is formal.

If you are not sure of what to wear, look at the industry within which the company operates. For instance, the finance sector is quite formal and you should play it safe by wearing a suit and tie.

Watch Your Body Language

It’s okay to feel slightly nervous during your interview but don’t openly show it. Don’t also tell the panel that you are feeling nervous. You should carry yourself in a manner that conveys confidence.

You should sit upright with your shoulders straight and maintain eye contact with your interviewers at all times. Slouching, fidgeting, tapping your fingers on the desk, and lack of eye contact are often interpreted to mean lack of self-confidence which could be your undoing doing the interview. More importantly, speak eloquently with the right tone. You don’t want to speak too loudly that you come out as aggressive and neither do you want to be inaudible.

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