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How to Make Big Bucks Blogging

You may have read the success stories of individuals making six figure salaries through blogging. Is it really possible to make a serious amount of money blogging? Yes – but is isn’t easy.

Making money from a blog involves a lot of time and effort. You’ll have to build up your blog and gain a vast readership, which involves creating content that is consistently engaging. Here are just a few different ways to make big bucks blogging.

Monetise Your Blog with Ads

It’s possible to make money by displaying ads on your blog. Every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog, you’ll get paid commission. This commission tends to be a very small amount per click, so you need to be getting lots of readers clicking on ads on your posts – which means attracting lots of readers to your blog. To make serious money from ad revenue, you ideally need to be posting new engaging content on a regular basis (we’re talking about tens if not hundreds of thousands of readers per post). As a result, it’s not ideal as a sole source of income from blogging. This whether other sources of blog-based income come in handy…

Post Sponsored Content

Sponsored blog content is any type of content that a client pays you to write. This could be a review of a product or a promotional SEO piece. Sponsors pay a flat fee upfront and you then deliver on the content. In the beginning, you may find that most sponsors are only willing to pay you a few dollars for such content through platforms such as Fiverr. However, if you grow successful and influential enough, you could find that sponsors are willing to pay you more, especially if you’re getting hundreds of clients all contacting you to get sponsored.

Get Involved in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is slightly different from sponsorship – rather than being paid an upfront fee for posting promotional content, you’re only paid commission on affiliate content based on how many leads you generate for the client. For example, if you’re writing an affiliate piece on a model of washing machine and lots of people who read you post then go on to buy that washing machine, you’ll get a small amount of commission for every sale. Affiliate marketing is most profitable with large value items such as cars, vacations and luxury goods, in which you could be making hundreds in commission on each lead you generate.

Contribute Paid Content to Other Blogs

Some blogs are willing to pay guest writers for contributed content. The most influential of these blogs are often willing to pay the most amount of money per post. Getting paid for such content often involves pitching these blogs directly. As you write for more popular and noteworthy blogs, you’ll improve your credibility as a writer and you’ll be more likely to gain access to those high-paying blogs. You may even be able to get a permanent position writing regular posts for a successful blog.

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