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Easy Ways to Make More Money by Working Less

It’s important to note that just because you feel busy, doesn’t mean you’re being productive. There’s actually a huge difference between the two. When you’re being more productive, you can earn more money by doing less of the hard stuff. When you’re busy, you might be earning less because you’re focusing your attention on things that don’t really matter.

Here, we’re going to talk you through some easy ways to make money by working less. Take a look:

Outsource Smaller Tasks

The first thing you want to do is take a look at smaller tasks that can easily be outsourced. Chances are, there’s no need for you to be doing absolutely everything. You could even outsource phone calls to a virtual assistant, if you struggle to keep up with your messages while getting work done. It will cost you, but you stand to get more real work done and therefore make more money. You might even find yourself with more free time, which can be great for coming up with new ideas.

Earn More Skills and Then Charge What Those Skills Are Worth

Earn more skills in a way that suits you, whether that’s with an online msw masters degree or teaching yourself Photoshop using Udemy or YouTube. Whatever you do, make sure you charge what those skills are worth afterwards. Upping your prices is one of the easiest ways to make more money, providing you are worth it and you can prove to your clients that you are. Many people underprice themselves as a way to get a lot of clients in the beginning and build demand, and this can be ok providing you soon learn your true worth and change your pricing.

Work Odd Hours

You need to know when you can be most productive based on your personality and the environment around you. In some cases, this means working odd hours so you can get more done. For example, you might find working super early in the morning better for you, as you can get more work done before everybody else has gotten out of bed. You might even find late at night better. See when you get those energy spikes and make a note of them so you know the best times for you to work.

Be Smart About Who You Choose to Work With

Make sure you’re smart of who you work with – you don’t need to work with absolutely every client out there to make money. Overly demanding clients/bosses just aren’t worth the emotional price, usually, so you’re better off letting them go and working with people who aren’t so taxing on your mental health.

Become the Master of Your Own Time Schedule

You can’t wing everything if you’re going to get things done. Planning out your entire day with a time schedule is a must if you want to fit everything in. Make sure you even plan your downtime, as many people find that their work and downtime blend in to one and that they struggle to separate the two.

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